MC Website MVP Implementation

This proposal is to fund DAO contributors to take the wonderful output from the Deep Work hypersprint and implement the first version. They did such a good job that we’re not changing much. Mostly, we simplified some of the more advanced features to focus on shipping an updated presence soon™️. This will give better internal/external info symmetry and build up the new open-source codebase to prep us for smooth iterations going forward. We will also be refining the content and adding more Cartelian visuals along the way.

View Deep Work’s final presentation of output Passcode: Chd1=wmG

View our simplified Prototype for the MVP

Our tacos could use a little more spice, no? Only problem, our bottle of chili is almost empty. Let’s get another, this one with some roasted flavor.

MVP Scope

Sitemap and feature list:

  • Home
    • Intro
    • Manifesto/Start Adventure
    • Pulse for now simplified to:
      • events (gcal integration)
      • projects (plug in/link to dework)
      • tweets (twitter api)
      • full Pulse feature moved to future dev as advanced feature
    • Content Blocks w/links to more for:
      • Ecosystem
      • Grants
      • Shots Fired
      • Footer w/links
  • Lore
    • Past, present, future
    • Photo Gallery w/ upload mechanic
  • Manifesto
    • Read/Sign Manifesto and view all signers
    • unlocks ‘next step’ content in Choose your Adventure
  • Ecosystem
    • List of all DAOs/projects in ecosystem and where to engage
      • Name, desc, link(s)
  • Grants
    • List of all previous grants
      • Name, desc, link(s), amount, purpose of grant
    • Apply for Grant
    • Apply for MetaGuides?
    • Apply as Funding Member/Partner?
  • Choose your Adventure
    • Manifesto
    • Intro yourself
    • Join an event/call
    • Discover/engage workstreams
    • Engage other daos in ecosystem
  1. Building the new open-source stack, to allow emergent contribution and composability
    • Open Source Codebase
    • Headless CMS
    • Common integrations (apis, dynamic content)
    • Ethereum Login (simple signing of manifesto for now)

Future Dev:

Ideas and Features moved to a future phase of development.

  • Pulse: Very advanced feature with much dynamic data/content. First iteration focuses on immediate needs and we can look to add later based on utility/value added (possibly even as a template for other communities to utilize),
  • Opportunities: Experiment with Dework or similar to validate before building out a more advanced approach
  • Events: Learn from early integrations to validate any more advanced approach to event aggregation throughout the ecosystem
  • Choose your Adventure: Learn from early iteration to refine into a more advanced flow.
  • General: Expand navigation and routes to accommodate any new content/structures that emerge over time

Roles and Humans committed

  • 2 dev (wackerow/jp)
  • 1 designer (q + ven support)
  • 1 content/copy (christina + ven/wackerow support)
  • 1 pm/ops (ven + jp/metadreamer support)

_note: there is room for others to join to enhance the workstream as desired, so feel free to reach out to anyone already committed to offer your skills.

  • visual design
  • content creation/collection
  • frontend/backend/web3 dev


2 Months
Aim to ship by EthCC → July 19th

Compensation Request

10k in stables

  • Post-delivery, distribute grant via Coordinape
  • Post-delivery, 1 share to each ‘significant’ contributor