MCON 21 Live Stream and Media Proposal

Hello MetaCartel community!
I’m very excited to be posting this proposal to extend the MCON event to the global community.
Please reach out with any questions.

MCON 2021 Live Stream and Media Proposal


This proposal is to extend the MCON experience to include the global MetaCartel community who are not able to travel to Denver .


The vision is to extend the MCON experience to the global community and by making the ideas widely accessible attracting other like minded people.


Financial cost, Covid and other factors can prevent some from the Meta Cartel community from attending MCON.

MCON is an exclusive event which inhibits community growth with like minded


The solution is to live stream the main events Wednesday and Thursday and embed it on the MCON site with Telegram chat for interactivity.

Create edited session segments and social clips to share community ideas and content after the event.

The product is a turnkey high end professional live stream and media package.

Show Pre-production

  • Weekly 1 hour co-design sprints to develop the show format, requirements and creative
  • Build Run of Show async with team
  • Setup social channels and test streams.
  • Adapt existing graphics for show graphics package
  • Embed stream on MCON site with Telegram for event live stream chat

Livestream Show

  • Produce and Direct the two day event

Post Production

  • Edit clean session segments
  • Export and upload to YouTube and optional IPFS


  • Upload sessions in Playlist
  • Add descriptions
  • Set End Cards and Subscribe


  • Publish Native -2:20 video quote with text from each session with speaker @ tags and link to MCON page with full Session Playlist
  • Create .SRT subtitles

Optional A- Edit 3:00 Sizzler Highlight video

Optional B- Web / Blog

  • Edit Session transcripts into readable MCON blog posts with media and images
    Segment Pages with
  • Session Video
  • full length audio
  • Edit Text Post
  • Clear CTAs
  • link to the IPFS hash

We have successfully deployed this playbook numerous times including ETHDenver 2021. An example similar to MCON was Sustain Web3. ​​The live stream added about 1000 viewers to the 200 IRL and the final edited playlist has 5000+ views since the event.

Proposal Stage

Peregrine, brings together top tier talent and equipment to co-create incredible experience IRL and broadcast them interactively to a global community.

Peregrine is a media brand led by Jonathan Palmer. He has over 20 years of film, television and social marketing experience. He got involved in blockchain and web3 in 2017 and is focused on creating content and experiences to grow the decentralized web. Peregrine is 100% web3 focused and has worked with ETHDenver, Gitcoin, Protocol Labs and more in the space. Currently the team is finishing a 12 part documentary series for Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web.

Grant Request
The project funding request has been heavily discounted to support this community focused project.

$4,000 Base package
$6000 Base plus upgraded camera package
Optional A- $3,000
Optional B- $3000


There are many opportunities for community members to play roles on and off camera during the event- TBD

Additional Resources


Thanks for putting this proposal together, it is my belief that having high quality audio and video is going to be well worth the investment. It also helps that you are so interested in the DAO ecosystem, I would like to propose that through this process you become a member of the Cartel to follow and document how we do things throughout the next series of events. Who knows this could become a standalone documentary that has a massive impact on the rest of the community.

Your proposal has my support and I think if we’re going to do it right let’s do it 100% top quality equipment and post-production is a worthwhile spend.

Let’s see if we can get a couple more signals of support here before you put this up to a vote.


Strongly in favor of this proposal - I’m very excited that Peregrine is interested in producing MCon (and at a favorable rate). He does an excellent job with ETHDenver, I’m confident he’s going to do an outstanding job with MCon.

Contracting Peregrine is a strong signal to our brothers and sisters around the world, who weren’t able to attend in person, that we are thinking about them - because they are going to get to enjoy MCon (almost) as much as we will.

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Yea. Agree. Think the proposal looks great! Strongly support.

High quality AV is always worth it. TLDR; the community is all hands on deck & working hard to make sure MCon is amazing; might as well go the full mile & document the whole thing correctly :slight_smile:

I support. having good content come out of this will be very valuable for the greater MC and eth community.

100% support this initiative. As someone who is newer to the community and can only attend one day of MCON, this is of high value to me. I imagine this could be the case with many others. Further, the rate looks more than reasonable to me (fwiw)

Other comments that resonate with me:

I really like this idea @Yalor and love how you are thinking big!

@0xJoshua - this is spot on. Let’s spread ze love

I would love to see this initiative supported!

Think we all recognize the importance of this, livestreaming and having a high quality recording of the great conversations and providing access to those who are unable to join us IRL will be worth it if we get just ONE person working in a DAO.

Re: the upgraded camera package, is there a significant quality difference?

Also, would love to get some measurable stats at the conclusion of this. What would be some KPIs that we could benchmark to see this was a success (besides my one person into a DAO :stuck_out_tongue:)?

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@tae yes- upgrade package will take the stream from web to “broadcast tv” quality.

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@tae yes, I can share the stream metrics after the event.