Meta Carbon empowers the global traditional e-cigarette industry through blockchain
technology to provide Web3 e-cigarette products and services outside the worldwide
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e-cigarette industry, thereby reconstructing the global traditional e-cigarette market
landscape. Through the underlying protocol based on Web3, Meta Carbon integrates
the global traditional e-cigarette ecology to make the first Web3-based e-cigarette
In the era of the digital economy, Meta Carbon enables data communication between
smart e-cigarettes and mobile terminals via Bluetooth, calculates and defines the
carbon reduction capacity of e-cigarettes intelligently through smart contracts, and
generates POW (Proof of Work) to embed innovative token incentives. Meta Carbon
integrates the new real economy and the digital economy model, visualizing the value
of the low carbon economy and materializing the digital economy business.
In the system of Meta Carbon, we reshape the e-cigarette users, e-cigarette
manufacturers, and service providers and build a decentralized new digital economy
platform for Web3 e-cigarettes. The e-cigarette users mine through DApp and smart
e-cigarettes to manage their health and conduct digital economy activities on the
platform at the same time. Users can store the “mining” reward token from their
low-carbon life in the built-in wallet of the DApp, or trade in the secondary market
through the exchange. In the future, the DeFi and NFT products, such as liquidity
mining and pledge lending, allow e-cigarette users to manage their health and obtain
income from the digital economy at the same time, reducing the user’s investment in
the use of e-cigarettes or providing them for free, or even bringing additional income.
In addition, a carbon biological protection NFT platform has been built in the Meta
Carbon ecosystem, dedicated to managing and reducing human carbon emissions and
protecting the natural habitats of the world’s endangered species. Funds raised from
NFT sales are used for purchasing and retiring carbon offsets as well as supporting
local charities and organizations that protect endangered animals and their habitats.