Last week @jamesyoung and I had a series of meetings with members Loft.Radio, MetaFuel, and RaidGuild. We wanted to bring the community up to date with the work that’s happening here as we believe it’s got great potential as a future sustainability method for MetaCartel.



  • Sharing Music Within the MetaCartel Community Using MetaFuel.


Improving the overall on-boarding of using Loft.Radio by integrating Abridged contract wallets instead of MetaMask.

Artists will only need to login to Telegram and use their @handle / email that has an associated ETH address.

Listeners will be able to tip and listen inside Telegram using only their @handle and the associated ETH address, new users can buy ETH/DAi using Wyre with CC inside MetaFuel.


Using 3Frame we are able to create a Loft.Radio integration within MetaFuel. However, since this is the first 3Frame integration there will be unknown unknowns and edge cases to tackle.


  • Load custom dapp into metafuel iframe. Dapp uses the @jadbox /iframe-provider-polyfill.
  • Dapp gets wallet address via web3
  • Dapp asks user if they need to fund account
  • If yes, redirect to wyre with the account address as target and wyre redirect param back to dapp
  • If no, continue
  • Dapp redirects to Loft, so that Loft is now running in the metafuel iframe
  • Loft should also use the iframe polyfill

Furthermore, we could create Artist and User on-boarding flows, that would eventually be generalized inside of MetaFuel.

Start designing a repeatable process for onboarding applications into MetaFuel.


  • Loft.Radio inside Metafuel :metal:t3:
  • Defines a revenue generation model for MC projects.
  • Dedicated MetaTX relayers from Abridged.
  • Evolving into high TX volume on Layer 2.

Timeline: One Month Sprint (April 15th - May 15th)

  • Model is a church, the relayer cost is a tithe.
  • No expectation, all based on trust.

Where Are we Now ?

Currently we have tipping working inside of iframe and Telefuel has integrated the iframe into MetaFuel.

Would love feedback on thoughts on this, here and also coordinating the actual development inside RaidGuild Discord Channel name #Raid-metaloftradio


This is great! Really glad to see this happening.

Will Loft Radio also integrate Abridged contract wallets and meta-tx natively, or is this just for Telefeul?

Is the revenue model tipping? Or something else? More details on what exactly this is and how it can generalize to other MC projects would be awesome.

For now it’s just inside TeleFuel, it’s up to Loft team to decide if Abridged wallets work for them in the long term. They are looking at many options and will implement whatever works for them.

The revenue model is 0.0025% or sm’th super low, of all the tipping tx’s that run through the contract wallet. Think of it as a tithe to MC for all tips that happen inside TeleFuel. Right now it might add up to a dollar but if we get transaction volume up the revenue from multiple projects could be a viable source of revenue to replenish MC’s initial funding of the project.

There are a few more on our list that have good potential for integration and might even play nice together.

If it’s a percentage, and the tips are already small, then 0.0025% of a small tip is practically nothing. Without Abridged and their contract wallets there would be no tips from Telefeul in the first place! Taking 1-2% of something that wouldn’t have happened anyways seems much more reasonable.

I am not the person who made the decision to set these figures, I beleive presently whether it’s 1% or 0.025% it’s going to amount to very little. The idea is to lock in the model and repeat the process, we can adjust the fee amount later, feel free to ask @jamesyoung for his opinion on this or jump into our telegram chat and ask him directly