Meta Mutual - ethereum native insurance

For the past 18 months or so (~9 months on the current iteration) I have been working on atomica, a protocol for launching risk markets

The initial target has always been offering a solution for applications/contracts on ethereum to buy protection for themselves and/or offer the ability for their users to buy coverage against losses from smart contract vulnerability exploits.

what has been built is a method for anyone to launch a risk market for an entity consisting of two direct collateralization pools and then apply to join a shared reinsurance pool. All premium pricing is dynamic based on direct collateralization and uncollateralized exposure of that entity relative to reinsurance pool balance (+ a diversification calculation input)

What is needed to get it live is a group of interested people and projects to get the ball rolling. The last major component we have is “who will approve/deny claims?”. I think the easiest way to launch would be with a semi-trusted (by application owners and users) group of claims adjusters. We also need at least 15 or so entities up and running to see useful diversification of risk (necessary for reasonable premiums & good returns for capital providers). Ideally the claims adjusters know what they are talking about (which isnt guaranteed with platforms like aragon court). Metacartel has devs and other knowledgeable people in the space and the breadth of products in the ecosystem made me think it could be a great candidate for deployment and launch.

The product is structured to self-scale, there are no exposure limits, but as risk centralizes premiums go up. It is very possible to start small as long as there is a decent number of entities and they can grow and scale together.

Happy to answer any questions and/or setup a demo for interested parties.