MetaCartel Twitter Community Guidelines

MetaCartel’s twitter account (@meta_cartel) has been managed always by a group of people - but think we should set new guidelines on how it is managed especially as the community grows along with its agenda.

I will be the default owner/steward of the twitter account with recovery details assigned to me.


I was just thinking about some guidelines we should constitute with the account:


  • Posting memes
  • Replying to messages + engaging with relevant things
  • Engaging with MetaCartel DAO members (*if you are promoting yourself read the below)
  • Engaging with MetaCartel supported projects (*if you are promoting something you are working on read the below)

Have access but want to promote something you are personally working on or yourself?
Sure, please go ahead but try to not do it TOO frequently (think once a week is more than okay). It is not fair to everyone else who does not have access to the twitter account. We want to use it to uplift the entire community. That said, if you have something cool, then please share it without hesitation!

Who can have access?
Folks in MetaCartel DAO who are vetted to can responsibly handle the account


I just reset the password, please DM me on telegram if you would like to request access for it.


badass, i didnt know this