MetaCartel Website Design Sprint

MC Design Sprint

Some of us have been thinking the MetaCartel website is due an overhaul, and that now is as a good time as any to take some time as a community and design/build what serves our needs as a dao and community.

So we reached out to Design Sprint masters at Deep Work. They have quickly put together a couple options for us to decide on.

I’ve copied over the basic details from the two options, but please visit their link below for all relevant information.

Full Details from Deep Work →

Option 1:

Deep Work Hypersprint


Earliest start date: February 11th

  • Guide you through workshops to align on communication strategy and content direction, user journeys and wireframes.
  • Prototype and design screens for the MetaCartel website
  • User test to validate the communications and support your brand strategy

Option 2:

Deep Work Workshops Only


Earliest start date: January 17th

  • Guide you through workshops to align on communication strategy and content direction, user journeys and wireframes.

Questions to the DAO:

  1. Should we have Deep Work run a Design Sprint with us to make the best use of our time and energy together, toward maximally sufficient outcome (aka moar badass)?

  2. IF yes, which of their two Options do you think is the best fit and why?

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Option 1.5?

100% on board for this and agree the website is due for an overhaul. The work on the Deepwork website looks clean af. I wouldnt mind hearing an outside option re: communication strategy and content direction. I understand we are well known throughout the space but want to stay relevant for new ETH users. DO NOT want to eliminate the memetic filter we have already created. Don’t care as much about user testing to validate communications (but dont have a great reason for why not…).

Maybe we could do option 1 (bullets 1&2), but not bullet 3?

Confirming is the timeline on this sprint 5-days? How long would each last?

I know @wackerow has been doing some frontend stuff, so just pinging him for visibility

If not option 1.5, then im voting for 1


Option #1 all the way for me, DeepWork has been a RaidGuild partner for a while and I think the investment into our website is absolutely worth it. IF grant applicants can find and apply easily & IF potential new members can find out how easily.


Thank you so much!

On removing bullet point three - we always do testing on our work, it’s the only way we can guarantee the quality and output with a feedback loop. If the community decided for Option 2 - we’d still highly recommend the MetaCartel does it own testing after prototyping. To prove/disprove the workshop decisions. There’s an examples of the user testing reports in our case studies if you’d like to dive into the details!

Thank you again, and hope to have you on the workshops!

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Yeah this is great. I don’t have a strong preference but it sounds like option 1 is the way to go.

Not a member, but agree that we should keep mimetic filters while trying to make it easier for potential new members to learn more about and apply to MC, and potential new grantees to have info about and easy access to the process.

Happy to assist however possible on the dev side!

Sounds like from townhall Ven is learning toward option 1, so I vote for that.