MetaCartel's Paladin Role [strategy+ops]

A paladin swears to uphold justice and righteousness, to stand with the good things of the world against the encroaching darkness, and to hunt the forces of evil wherever they lurk. A paladin’s power comes as much from a commitment to justice itself as it does from a god.

The life of a paladin is an adventuring life. Sometimes their oaths lead them into the service of the crown as leaders of elite groups of knights, but even then their loyalty is first to the cause of righteousness, not to crown and country. Adventuring paladins take their work seriously. A delve into an ancient ruin or dusty crypt can be a quest driven by a higher purpose than the acquisition of treasure. Evil lurks in dungeons and primeval forests, and even the smallest victory against it can tilt the cosmic balance away from oblivion.

Roles of the Paladin in MetaCartel

  • Starting new community development initiatives & leading troops forward (eg. DAO rush week)

  • Taking on ownership over key community objectives (from strategy to execution)

    • Examples:
      • Running & organising hacker houses (this was prior to coronavirus lol)
      • Developing & planning out the DAO migration to v2 Moloch
  • Making sure vital battle information flows smoothly across the Cartel

    • Gathering an agenda of items for the weekly DAO meeting call
  • Partnerships and diplomacy with other organizations + getting more funding pledged


1000-1500 USD a month (in ETH or MetaCartel DAO Shares)


MetaCartel is growing stronger as every day passes. I believe, my role as a summoner will need to shift towards more solely focused on figuring out where we get funding, treasury management (input/output), and overall strategy.


I nominate @JamesW as Paladin

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My sword has been placed at the round table of Paladins :european_castle::crossed_swords:

From my perspective it would helpful to split the role into two Paladins or a Paladin + Knight. Then the two? of us will be able to map out outcomes that need to be achieved each week, split up tasks, split reward, etc.

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This also makes sense / need another team mate / support.

I also will be creating a new role for myself - will involve working with paladins.

I nominate @rika.sukenik6 as a Paladin


Wow, what an honor! Unfortunately, I don’t have the bandwidth right now. I sent you a message in Telegram with more details. Seriously though, thank you for thinking of me!

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@Sky @puniaviision @pETH

Wow, what a hype description!! Vibing with the naming schema much more. I would love to give back to the community in a more structured fashion. I would personally prefer a Paladin + Knight set up as I’m not sure if I will have the capacity to be an equal leader, but would be more than willing to support.

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I would be honored to join in the Paladin role. I am sharpening my sword.

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I second the nomination of @JamesW and offer support magic to this role.

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