MetaGame Proposal v0.12

It’s time this thing gets a proposal, so here we go:

For those unaware, MetaGame started as a reputation gamification and knowledge mapping system for the MetaCartel. You can read more about that here

MetaGame - A Massive Online Coordination Game
(social media meets freelancing meet role playing games)

  • Purpose #1 - Increase transparency and collaboration between existing projects & create a giant onboarding machine for the crypto space, with everything a project needs from an idea to production.
  • Purpose #2 - Build an Open Source framework for running transparent digitally native societies, ready to be used by the people of corrupt third world countries.

A bunch of articles written:


  • Gimme monies

Why should you?

  1. I need monies to start building this shit. I won’t take any of that money personally, but use it to incentivize weekend hackathons and individual bounties.
  2. I will match your 8k with 8k of my own.
  3. I will eventually return 8k or more to the MetaCartel bank.
  4. You will all get the “Funding Father” achievement NFTs and Seeds proportional to how big your stake was in this grant I’m requesting.

Feedback pls:

  • Please tell me what seems stupid or unclear.
  • Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @petheth
  • Drop by MetaGame Discord