MGD $1M Fund for Women in Web3

Meta Gamma Delta would love to partner with MetaCartel on a real meta issue! The basic idea: if we want to fund more women-led initiatives, we need to actively bring more women in the door. We propose an end-to-end solution to recruit women from adjacent industries, provide educational opportunity and mentorship, with basic income for an onboarding period of 3-6 months. This all leads to help with job placement and start-up initiatives. Building the pipeline and making sure women are prepped to succeed and contribute to making the ecosystem blossom. We are uniquely positioned to create such a program, and our vision is to make an impact on a pain point that is widely felt amongst DAOs and other orgs.

More information is in the links below. A couple of key points: after discussion in the MC Town Hall, our ask is $25,000 to set up the initial phase of this project: create a core working group, design the program, set up 3-4 key partnerships, and create detailed budget & milestones. That will enable us to continue fundraising with more detailed plans, and to use the next money raised to actually run a pilot program with 3-5 women. This $25k is a small portion of the envisioned fund, but it is absolutely foundational. We are truly grateful for your consideration.

Partnerships will be key to this project, and we are happy to look at ways that we can partner with MetaCartel in mutually beneficial ways. One idea we heard was creating a pipeline for new & qualified MC members. We also of course want this to create fundable projects as well as new DAO contributors. We are open to your ideas.

Here’s our general proposal on Giveth:

And you can also see our proposal on MolochDAO for more discussion of where we’re at:

Let us know if you have questions, comments, anything you’d like to see addressed. Thank you!


I think MetaCartel is and has always been the #1 ally of MGD, from it’s infancy we have seen the value of Investing in the women blazing the path of DAO’s.

I think I speak for most of the members when I say you have our full support on this :fire:

I’ll fire up a proposal ASAP.


:firecracker: We feel your support and look forward to continuing that relationship! :rocket: Lots to be grateful for. :turkey:


I :heart: and support this. Great initiative MGD and nice work pushing forward @ann !


Absolutely in support of it as a MetaCartel member but also MetaGame.
We’ve been pushing for more diversity the past few months ourselves we brought in a lot of female speakers but we still only got 3 women in leadership positions & barely any active in the community outside of that… We are hoping that bringing in more women to speak & having more women in leadership positions will make it a more inviting for other women to join, but its hard because there’s a general lack of women in the space.

Anyway, while they cannot straight up leave their jobs to work at MetaGame, it could be a good way for them to start dipping their toes in DAOs, earning supplemental income & seeing how it goes. We got a bunch of leadership & other, less demanding roles, open. Happy to share more :slight_smile:

We found that people generally go from being completely new to the space & not knowing what to do, to having too many opportunities on the table in a few weeks or a month or two.


It’s ALIVE DAOhaus :fire:


So excited and proud to see this amazing proposal as a woman. Strongly support this, also thanks @ann for this initiative. Happy to help in anyway possible.

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I can offer a ticket to event to promote. My fiance is a in a program of sorts that needs community support. I,m already trying to help her situation

What ? An event ticket for what

Yes! This is amazing. I am writing a book of short stories about DAOs and Metacartel is the first DAO I am writing about. I would love to highlight your story and this proposal. @ann I will send you a message!

My proposal here: Proposal: An open-source anthology of stories about DAOs