Operation Immortal

:chains: Operation Immortal


  • Dissolve MetaCartel DAO into a series of smaller sub-DAOs.
  • Seed and launch a series of new DAOs in more specific domain areas.
  • In 12 months, we should have spent all our ETH/funds


  • Seed a new era of meta-DAO-mania in Ethereum

Problems this aims to solve:

  • It’s really hard to coordinate and align a 100+ person DAO
  • Currently with MetaCartel, it is hard to pinpoint down focuses for experiments

New DAOs to be launched / fractalized

  • NFT/Metaverse focused DAO
  • DAOhaus

What happens to current MC DAO?

  • DAO Incubator / Funder of DAOs instead
  • Becomes a federation instead
  • Become a source of identity verification

Initial subDAOs to join federation

  • MetaFactory
  • MetaCartel Ventures DAO
  • MetaGammaDelta
  • LexDAO
  • RaidGuild

The process of incubating a new DAO:

What should be the process of launching these new DAOs?

  1. [Get 10 ETH] Create a plan for the DAO
  • Assigned 1 month, 3 month, 12 month goals (S.M.A.R.T + 1 metric for success, 1 Metric for sustainability)
  • Find initial 1-3 initial items/projects to work on as the DAO
  • Find other community members willing to also pledge/join the DAO
  • Understand potential viable pathways to sustainability
  1. [Get 50 ETH] Validate DAO & project by getting pre-pledges

  2. [Join MetaCartel DAO network]
    Successfully achieve the DAO’s first win / completion of a project