Operation: Jar of Algae

Operation: Jar of Algae

Aim of the mission:

Share our work on DAOs and bring them to other non-crypto communities. Show how they are able to potentially self-coordinate and allocate funding towards their own causes. Forge relationships with DAO-curious community builders and ultimately build bridges between MetaCartel with relevantly aligned communities outside of crypto.

Nature of the mission: User research, diplomacy


  • Conducting user interviews with community builders from other communities
  • Creating content to enable the understanding of what DAOs are (eg. DAOs for dummies)
  • Participating in other communities to gain insight into their coordination practices
  • To forge trust and relationships with DAO-curious community builders (takes time to build trust and get to know other people from communities)


  • North star: Connect & build relationships with 8 other DAO-interested communities
  • Documented insights on how to go about bringing DAOs to other communities, share what resonated with others, share insights learned (aim is to eventually get down a playbook for our meta-missionaries to go out there to spread knowledge - think of MetaCartel as the ‘Mecca’ for DAOs)
  • To forge trust and relationships with DAO-curious community builders


  • Peter (pet3rpan) - I know how to talk to other community builders/founders and am well versed in the process/ins and outs of community building.

Approximately 1 month ~

3000 USD + other potential expenses eg. podcast editing

What is the vision I am exploring for MetaCartel?

  • We re-discovered the ‘meta’ religion of the community first ethos via DAOs and are missionaries that look to share this with the rest of the world around us. (should be reasonably competent for this mission)

  • We have built a MetaCity of various projects, DAOs and other communities in crypto. The next step is to establish MetaCartel as a digital nation-state that acts as a connector, aggregator, and portal to other missions’ first, values-driven communities. MetaCartel’s strength is in its ability to become an effective social ‘meta’ community layer (trust-based community network). Think of MetaCartel DAO as the airport to the rest of the MetaUniverse of projects and communities.


Cool. I’m into it. How can people help if they want to get involved?

I might open a tg chat or a new discord just for sharing live ideas/insights while I do the digging - I think theres defs gonna ways to jump in and get involved as things progress.

Oh I posted this as a response to community direction, MetaCartel Community Direction 😇 but perhaps it’s an even better fit here ???

I am 100% for this and would like to be involved if at all possible, no compensation needed.

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Yes saw your response here. Defs welcome and intend to try to share as much as possible on an ongoing basis.

But tbh I foresee myself needing to go ‘fast and go alone’ for much of this work.

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Sure, that’s your modus operandi. Think the leanings could be amplified if we have more ppl involved from the get go though. Don’t wait for me, but don’t be afraid to add me to meetings and share docs along the way. I’ll be looking for more of this work as the hackathon comes to and close.

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Also, here’s a mandatory 20 characters for Discourse

It’s inherently highly messy non-structured user research work (that’s ultimately a creative task) focused on essentially product discovery + strategy. As a former ux researcher, less is more in terms of process and coordination. My role is to effectively distribute insights in the end as effectively as possible (my eventual goal).

operational: https://pokemol.com/dao/0x0372f3696fa7dc99801f435fd6737e57818239f2/proposal/116

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Voted yay as this is really important work that pushes forward the DAO space. Beyond supporting the broader DAO space, this will provide high signal information that can directly support and guide MetaCartel’s ongoing efforts. After talking to Peter more and seeing the work that’s going into this, it would be silly not to support this endeavor.

Also, @pet3rpan this should be in the #DAO category right?

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Assume that this is still ongoing, but are there any updates and/or learnings from this project that are ready to share?

Looking to post notes out this week, been busy with other things.

Posted results of efforts =


project tldr;

  • We don’t have the resources to solve this issue of DAO adoption but we do have the resources to help drive better models of DAOs
  • Need to become sustainable first as an org before helping rest of non-crypto world

How to get DAOs out there?

  • Bring DAOs to one community organiser/community builder at a time, evangelize one at a time, figure out with them how to get buy-in & make it usable for their community
  • Handhold and work with one community at a time in setting up their DAO
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Requested access

I think the issue of DAO adoption will solve itself once people realize what’s possible. Need to bushwhack to blaze a trail. Then we can lead by example.

Sounds solid. There’s really no other way to start. We need a solid group of DAOs that are undeniably awesome - addressing real use cases IRL with real people. Then once we have success stories many more can follow.