[OrochiDAO] “The year of DAOs” expense proposals

Let’s start suggesting possible cost for DAO proposals.

  • Venue = Either free or cost $1000~2000. I initially booked a co-working space of capacity for 120 for free but they are now saying we can only have a cap of 70. I am still negotiating but if it does not go through, then we may have to rent.
  • Kickback fee = $1 per participant (if 120 capacity, then $120)
  • Soft badge = (like POAP ones). Would cost $1~4 depending on the shape. Simple circle or rectangle would be cheaper but need manufacturing time of a few weeks.

we should put together a little rfp for stickers/badges. we could pass it around our groups and see if anyone is up for it. the soft cut out badges are cool but kinda $$

  • badges: A soft badge and lanyard with a printed card might be closer to 1$ a piece
  • stickers: standard hex

How many do we need? 70-120

What do you think the budged would be?
shipping to you or to someone in Osaka.

Once we find someone who would take this on we can make a proposal from the DAO for them. seem like a good first proposal

What you think?

I believe 500-600 of swag should last for many events.