Post hackathon support thread

Project championed by internal members for 5k USD grant / post hackathon support program.



A protocol to trade DeFi data streams long or short with leverage, using on-chain price oracles. Effectively, on-chain DeFi perps with a synthetic token.

  1. Confidently finish up research on the monetary policy for the Overlay synthetic token
  2. Finish Uniswap V2 oracle feed contract
  3. Build treasury staking, governance, and liquidity mining contracts (for initial distribution of synthetic OVL)
  4. Keeper bots for liquidations
  5. Mainnet launch

General vision for the project is a derivatives platform that offers users the ability to trade (long or short) nearly any scalar, non-manipulable and unpredictable data stream obtained through on-chain price oracles. Yes About to launch (4-6 weeks out from launch)