Pricing For A Mobile Notary

Notary fees and pricing are determined in part by the state and in part by the notary official.
Every state has its own set of permissible fee thresholds. Notaries have the option of deciding where they want to set their fees. Newer commissioners with less experience in the subject are more likely to set lower fees.
The cost of a mobile notary can range from $5 to $35. However, the sort of service matters as well; a notarization for a mortgage closing, for example, could be more costly.
Individuals seeking access to notaries frequently use mobile notaries. Clients/signers benefit from the fact that notaries come to them, regardless of the day or time.
Because of the additional work required on the part of the notary, they may also charge for traveling to your place. When compared to the hassle of looking for and then visiting a stationary notary, clients find the payment affordable.
Keep in mind that the mobile notary does not go over the paperwork or verify the contract’s contents. They are only in charge of the notary act. Because of their impartiality, they are unable to pass judgment on a document’s fairness or legality.