Proposal: Bulla Network Integration

Hi, I’m Colin, a dev from Bulla Network :wave:.

After speaking with BOILΞR (Chris) and the DAOHaus crew on Discord, there might be a use-case for MCV to use our dApp, Bulla Banker, to handle funding with our on-chain accounting protocol.
This is not a funding request, but simply a call to Moloch-based DAOs to help guide our integration into Moloch V2 / V3 over the coming months.
Allow me to introduce what we’ve been building.

Bulla Network

Bulla Network is a simple commerce protocol with some Accounts Payable/Receivable superpowers, that result in immutable accounting for both parties. We’re trying to build a DeFi primitive for credit. ERC20 transfers are primitive for cash transfers, Bulla provides a primitive for IOUs by expressing which wallets owe each other in the form of an ERC721 token. (I won’t bore you anymore, but if you’d like, you can read more on our GitBook)

These tokens can be used for a variety of use-cases:

  1. Invoicing
  2. Factorization and financing
  3. On-chain trial balances (AR + AP = PNL)
  4. P2P lending primitives
  5. Auditable and descriptive transaction histories

What we’ve built so far

We’ve built an invoicing, payments, and payroll dApp called Bulla Banker. Our key features are a multi-chain dashboard and Gnosis Safe integration.

Our vision for DAOs

At its most simple, you can use Bulla Banker to build descriptive ERC20 / ETH payouts with categorization, IPFS attachments, email notifications, etc - like a more robust version of Disperse.

But we imagine DAO treasurers as power users! With Bulla, a DAO could create their payroll as “payable” tokens. It seems trivial, but it creates a DAO ecosystem where:

  1. Treasurers can see a trial balance before payroll is executed - no more “stuck” proposals due to lack of funds!
  2. Treasurers have a detailed, auditable, and exportable record of transactions - no more spreadsheet hell.
  3. Treasurers can ask consultants to invoice the DAO for one-off payments.
  4. Contributors can see their upcoming payroll and even choose to sell their receivables on an NFT marketplace - similar to TradFi payroll advance services, but P2P.
  5. Contributors automatically have their accounting done for them.

What we’re looking for

Most important to us are users, and connections in the space.
We want to build killer use cases for DAOs and we need user feedback from Moloch DAOs to help guide our integration over the next few months.

Our ask from DAO partners:

  1. 2-3 brief user feedback sessions where we discuss the DAOs current payment workflow, and what they need from a treasury management tool.
  2. A commitment to pilot our a Bulla<>DAOHaus plugin for 1-2 payroll cycles.

DAOHaus integration path

We’re looking to slowly ramp DH DAOs onto Bulla Banker with the following roadmap.

  1. Build a DH Boost as a drop-in improvement for Disperse. (ready in 1-2 weeks)
  2. Build a zodiac module for DH<>Bulla to allow treasury managers to manage a vault’s payables/receivables without passing proposals - payments would go through a proposal. (ready in 1-2 months)
  3. Build a full integration in the Bulla Banker dApp to allow DAO managers to connect to their DAO, submit proposals, and manage multiple vaults. (if there’s a product-market fit, 2-3 months)


We hope to make some solid connections at MCV and find some potential DAO partners who want to use our product to take some of the headaches out of on-chain ops. Can’t wait to meet you all and show you what we’ve been building :slightly_smiling_face:

Contact / Additional Resources

Please feel free to contact me with any questions:

  • Twitter: @colinrives, TG: @colinnielsen, Discord: colinnielsen#0001

  • Bulla Network Discord -

  • Website -

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