[Proposal] Cryptofans - Web 3.0 content subscription social platform


Cryptofans is a content subscription social platform utilizing blockchain technologies. It allows content Creators to receive cryptocurrencies from users who subscribe to their content, but also to tokenize theirs creations, sell them as NFTs and transfer ownership to the fans, and on top of that, they can even tokenize themselves.

And that’s not all, if you want to get the whole picture you can find a link to our website in additional resources section

A decentralized world in which people fully adopt blockchain advantages and utilize them in everyday life.

We kinda have two problems here that we are trying to solve with one blow. First one being poor content across almost every Web 2.0 social network out there, and second is that crypto is usually pretty intimidating and scary for an average user.

Our platform, Cryptofans :slight_smile:

We don’t have an algorithm that will stimulate low quality content production, instead, we have mechanism that will incentivise Creators to produce more quality and exclusive content. The better their content is, the more money they will make.

It’s not a breaking change innovation, we don’t want to do advertisement like Apple. We are aware that platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon, who were pioneers in this field, exists for several years. But, pillars of we are building our platform on are pillars that built crypto and blockchain communities, pillars for better tomorrow. And that means censorship resistance and decentralisation. Recent OF ban just proves that.

But censorship resistance, decentralization and quality premium content is not enough. We need and want to build new tools and new ways to make crypto more accessible and also educate people. With the power of our Creators we can do that. They can reach to millions of their followers and lead as an examples.

Disclaimer: Even though we won’t censor or ban sexually explicit content from our platform, we won’t promote it either. We don’t want to be known just as an adult content platform. We want to attract celebrities from the music, movie, fashion and entertainment industries before all and let every user to decide how and why they are going to use the platform



Working on MVP

At the time of writing this there’s no similar project that we are aware.

Four full time members (all engineers) and growing:

Petar Popovic ( that’s me :slight_smile: ) - Founder
Cedomir Rackov - Co-founder
Vladimir Prsendic
Igor Radovic

Cedomir and I recently quit our jobs so we can dedicate full time to this. We also have a few external associates that we work together on making Cryptofans marvelous.

Grant Request $
10.000. That would help us in bringing MVP and platform itself quicker and to cover office and other expenses for some time.

Bootstrapped so far. No fundings yet


Additional Resources

Hey @developera thanks for bringing this here. As you probably know this idea is hawt right now :fire:

What would you say differeniates yourself from other teams going after the same market such as Cumrocket, Simp Token, and NaftyFans ?

Also tell us more about your team members, how long have you been working together, what exactly are their skills / levels of experience, what have they and you built in the past ?

Look forward to your responses :studio_microphone:

Hi, @Yalor. It is, indeed :laughing: It was a pleasure having the opportunity to present our project. And thank you for your questions. I’ll do my best to answer them all as clear as I can.

What would you say differeniates yourself from other teams going after the same market such as Cumrocket, Simp Token, and NaftyFans ?

Well, all mentioned projects are strictly adult industry platforms. Cryptofans is platform for everyone.

We want to concentrate our efforts in acquiring people from the world of music, acting, cooking, digital and traditional arts like painting and sculpting, sports and other industries first, along with ordinary folks. We won’t ban or forbid adult content, but that isn’t our primary area of focus.

For example, we see musicians using our platform not only for selling their albums as NFTs (which isn’t any news nowadays), but also for interacting with their fans more closely providing them with content and experience they can’t get on other social platforms.

We see them offering samples of songs that are still in production as one of a kind NFTs, so fans can own them even before song is released, or similar experiences. Or in case of celebrities from the sports industry, selling their jerseys as a redeemable NFTs, that actually prove authenticity…

But we also see our platform used by ordinary folks too, not just famous people.

To be sure that you are interacting only with the people who are really interested in what you have to say and yours content, you can set a small price like $3/month for example, and only people paying that can access that content. That way you got rid of spammers and people who are following you just for following sake.

Vitalik mentioned this problem recently on EthCC[4] (here’s link to the part where he talks about it in case you are interested). And we actually can see him, or to be precise, people with the same “problem” as our potential users.

We are very excited to see how our users are going to use the platform and what other ways they are going to invent :smiley:

Also tell us more about your team members, how long have you been working together, what exactly are their skills / levels of experience, what have they and you built in the past ?

We are all experienced engineers, we all have at least 5 years in the industry. Mostly building products for companies we were working for or their clients (from familiar names: Nike, Adobe, AE, Dell).

Čedomir, Vladimir and myself are all senior full stack engineers with production experience. Čedomir and I are more backend oriented, and Vladimir is stronger at frontend. Igor is more focused I guess, he’s a senior frontend engineer.

I’m the only one who worked with all of them before actually. I started working with Čedomir in 2017 in a blockchain development company which unfortunately didn’t survive the latest crash. That’s where we met. And after that, in 2019, I started working in another company where I met Vladimir and Igor and worked with them closely. I left that company on Čedomir’s call and again joined same company as him.

And now we are working all together :muscle: