Proposal: DAO Grant for building a new community for climate experts and environmentalists


de_plan is a community for Climate experts, environmental professionals, planners and landscape designers focussed on building projects and tools that enable on the ground activation of ReFi projects.

de_plan aims to be the gateway for all Climate and Planning talent entering the ReFi space. And the nucleus for all Climate Projects as a decentralised consultancy. As a first step, we will start by building a community, on-boarding talent onto ReFi and helping them transition.

The Refi movement has taken off and how. In the past year a diverse crop of refi projects have emerged in the web3 space and the Climate track at GR15 received an excellent response. However, there is a lack of communities in Web3 dedicated to Climate and Environmental professionals. As a result, while new protocols and tools are emerging daily; project development is slow and yet to pick up steam. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Web3 is yet to reach this demographic and therefore finding and on-boarding them onto ReFi projects is a challenge.
  2. Building real-world climate projects is a time consuming, careful task. It is difficult to build a community that moves at the pace of Web3, while being effective on the ground.

A community dedicated to developers and climate professionals that can serve as a resource pool for ReFi projects to tap into when needed. Community building efforts would need to be focussed on three verticals:

  1. Education: Creating educational content and events that introduce climate professionals to ReFi and Web3.
  2. Collaboration: Creating opportunities for developers and climate professionals to work together and collaborate on ReFi projects.
  3. Opportunity: Creating opportunities for Climate professionals and enabling their transition to ReFi.

We started out this DAO in May 2022, as a group of 3 people interested in bringing more environmental experts into ReFi. It took us some time to figure out the details, speak to colleagues and develop a plan of action. And we started a community building process in July 2022. Currently, we have a small team of 5-6 people committed to building this community.


  1. We’re building a location protocol for real-world assets to help manage On-chain Climate Projects. proto

  2. We’re working with a Community Organisation, KECC in Nairobi, Kenya, to help transform a public park into a carbon sequestration project.

You can also see more of our work here : de_plan Log

Our core team is diverse and you can see our track record on the attached links here. The team has also been involved in our progress made so far.

Akshay is an Urban Planner turned Web3 Founder. He has experience in project development, economic and environmental planning and geospatial solutions. He has worked in the urban planning industry, in academic research and on IoT - VR solutions for cities. Currently, he’s focussed on building de_plan. Twitter / LinkedIn

Shreyash is a talented engineer with an expertise in frontend development. He has experience in enterprise SaaS development and IoT development. Currently, Shreyash is involved in building Web3-IoT solutions with de_plan. He’s on his way to transitioning into web3 full-time and hopes to incorporate IoT into ReFi with us. Twitter

Elzaphan is a Financial Analyst and Architect with experience in sustainable finance instruments and climate regulation. He has prior experience working on sustainable development with financial institutions and has transitioned to Web3 with the intent of bringing climate positive development to Kenya, where he is from. Twitter / LinkedIn

Grant Request $ $10,000
What will we use the funds for
The funds will be used for three purposes:

  1. Community Building: Online events, outreach and content production that helps reach a new audience in Web3.
  2. DAO Infrastructure: Building out our DAO infra; multi-sig, forums and governance for members.
  3. Opportunity Creation: Locating and bringing opportunities across ReFi to community members. At the outset this will be done at a small scale via building bounty programs and finding partners in the ReFi space for this.

Additional Resources We need help in community building, content strategy and outreach. Specifically tailored to a new audience and explanatory in nature.

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