Proposal: DeFi Policy DAO Coalition

TLDR; Basically crypto regulation is screwing up Defi. We just want to be part of the conversation, a seat at the table. So as DAOs let’s contribute to the regulations that Boomers are creating and screwing us over. Yes a16z and Coinbase is “working” on this but Coinbase is a CEX not a DEX so they’re going to F over defi as well. I’m joining forces with Terra, her team combatted the regulations on Tesla and Airbnb. Airbnb lost $400M in NYC alone, due to regulations. Crypto and NFTs made national news now it’s time for DAOs. This DAO helps DAOs raise awareness in the media space that allows normal people to learn about DAOs and vote for crypto-friendly politicians, where many politicians vote on regulating crypto.

Description: A new entity and campaign to shift the conversation and move oncoming regulations to be favorable toward the industry to allow innovation and profitability to continue to thrive.

Creating a Policy DAO to combat anti-defi regulations. Raising a $2M treasury to provide web3 projects a platform to speak directly to policymakers and create web2 media exposure. The day to day operation will be run by a core management team, but broad strategic decisions will be decided on by backers through votes.

Manifesto/Vision: This new coalition will shift the conversation and momentum in Washington by developing data-driven messaging that is favorable to those audiences, establishing and elevating industry voices within the conversation, and changing the playing field for oncoming regulations.

Problem: Washington DC and federal regulators have put a target on the industry. Regulations in the US can outlaw functions of the industry, implement expensive capital or reporting requirements, or force activities through large and expensive institutional clearinghouses.

Solution: Increasing awareness among regulators of the benefits of the crypto/blockchain industry through honed messaging, earned media engagement, sponsored events, and advertising. Training spokespeople who can speak for the needs of the industry.

Product: The product is a media campaign with deliverables and KPIs including:

  • Formation of a branded coalition with a website and brand assets to appeal to Washington interest and to act as the main face of the movement
  • A research and data-backed messaging Playbook to drive the conversation
  • Media training for key leaders
  • Earned and paid media placements with consistent activity and reporting
  • Content production including static and video production
  • Consistent political intelligence and campaign refinement
  • Campaign reporting to include KPIs like:
    • Earned media activity
    • Paid media performance
      • Social media engagements
      • Clicks to the website
      • Time spent on the website and pages visited
      • Conversions on the website including advocate sign up and clicks to testimony
      • TV, Radio, Print, or OOH reach

Validation: The proposed firm, Kivvit, has a specialization in these types of campaigns and has worked on policy fights with financial and tech clients including JPMorgan Chase, Tesla, Twitter, and Airbnb, and many many more.


DAO launching on DAOHaus

Beginning fundraising

Differentiation: There have been attempts in the past to message to Washington, however, they have not yet been impactful in shifting the conversation or momentum around crypto regulations. Kivvit’s unique approach to research and insights ensures a strong positioning and effective messaging


  • Sydney Lai, wrangler of DAOs
  • Terra Setzler, campaign manager
    • Terra is a Principal at Kivvit who manages policy campaigns for clients in tech, finance, and higher education. Her clients at Kivvit have included Tesla, JPMorgan Chase, and Social Capital and before joining Kivvit she worked on the other side managing campaigns advocating for the regulation of Airbnb and Lyft.
  • Another DAO Rep 3

DAO members can contribute to their bandwidth. Terra is the main driver/PM of this. Sydney is mostly focused on making intros/onboarding DAOs and collecting the $ and supporting the narrative of what the DAOs need to get into the media.

ASK: Grant Request $10,000

Grant will help with two things:

  1. The initial check to signal raises from other teams

  2. Help DAOs get a spot on national TV/ the following:


  1. Access to national PR
  2. the benefit MetaCartel will receive is voting rights in decisions around policy and the opportunity to sit in on intelligence briefings
  3. Naming rights, MetaCartel founding member


  • Need first check to show other defi projects there is buy-in
  • Need signal to show other DAOs there is buy-in
  • Asking for intros to DAOs looking for web2 exposure and providing strategic direction for policy regulation and national PR

This is very spot on and urgent. Lobbying is tactical. States will be looking to the fed and we do not want to become the enemy of the people. I need to get people using tokens to incentive positive behavior to allevate drug addiction and the costs of not staying in the treatment or community support programs. The county just refinanced bonds to get the Recovery Grants and the have to send everyone in probation into treatment to pay to create or sustain new programs or try and collect court costs. Learning as a way to familiarize indigenous and lay people without paying them immediately would be a positive community activity and poker games or dungeons n dragons in jail or rehab would endocrane the most vulnerable people into a system that teaches financial and moral wellbeing. If we can solve the problem that congress granted the money for and grassroot face to face using phone apps n play to learn universal income and contingency management schemes that make local governments stop pro.moting suffering for subsidies policy then the legislation of the future will actively seek out this sector in drafting solutions. The scapegoat will not be us because the people will see us as honest brokers and the misunderstood complex financial structures we employ will not be looked at as a fraud. So yes I am all in. I have lots of research about regulation pitfalls and I need to get real world people interested in fixing the day to day life affecting problems that blight society for generations. Lets pull america back together because the new social infrastructure will be decided in the next 2 years I believe.
Creative projects merged with the defi way of approaching problem solving. Please include me. Lots of money will be spent in the next elections towards winning the hearts of voters. Lets channel its intention to influence the populous constructively so when the polls close the mandate is clear crypto is the solution and time n energy will have created good instead of more suffering.

Down to help with this :slight_smile:

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Some notes from the call:

  • DAOs need to move into the public sphere as conversations and political direction is currently controlled by centralized entities such as Coinbase and Consensys
  • @billw and Aaron are here for it
  • how will media training be conducted
  • items produced is owned by the DAO, Kivvit is a service provider

DAO members can contribute to their bandwidth. Terra is the main driver/PM of this. My time is mostly focused on making intros/onboarding DAOs and collecting the $ and supporting the narrative of what the DAOs need

Next steps?

  • general approval from those on the call
  • Happy to clarify any future Qs
  • submit this as a proposal on DAOHaus?

Hello all! Popping in with some additional information and answers.

How will media training be conducted?
Media training will be given to specific spokespeople within the coalition. Each training will include up to 5 people and will cover how to interact with journalists, how on the record, background, and off the record works, how to deliver a message and create effective sound bites and quotes, the training will then end with on-camera practice with feedback to help with television delivery.

How Kivvit works
Kivvit is a well established PR firm with offices in New York, DC, Chicago, New Jersey, Miami, and Boston. We are very transparent with our clients and our billing. The campaign will have a set of deliverables that include specific projects and general work to be done. We invoice on a monthly basis and for those projects that are billed on a project basis, they are itemized after delivery on that month’s invoice. For general work, each month’s invoice includes a detailed report of hours worked against the retainer. We are also extremely flexible in our billing and can adjust this structure to the coalition’s needs.

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as per questions on other DAOs we want to raise from includes but not limited to:

Index Coop
Acala DAO

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Now live - please vote!

@joseph @ann @billw @scottrepreneur @helmass @0xJoshua ^

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I’m voting yes on this, seems like a good plan and I would love to see some Meta Cartel influence as these discussions happen. I think I’m the only MC member who lives in Washington DC? One thing I know about living here… the staffers & journalists run this city, and if we can be part of making an educational framework preaching the great ways of defi I think its worth it to try.

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