Proposal: Diamond - Decentralized, Data-Driven Media Collective


Diamond DAO is a media collective that coordinates the decentralized design, development, and distribution of insights and datasets, enabling subject-matter experts to monetize their expertise.


Build a curated marketplace for data and insights, where subject-matter experts are fairly compensated for their work.


The global information services market, which is projected to grow to 842 million ETH (or $196.7 billion) by 2025, is driven by subject-matter experts.

Their knowledge of complex information environments is necessary to navigate through information chaos.

Despite the importance of their expertise, subject-matter experts are often employed in precarious, underpaid labor.

Some are consultants, who spend more time drumming up business than performing research and analysis.

Others work at firms where creativity is discouraged and much of the value they create is captured by salespeople (who distribute their insights), product and engineering (who build their tools and structure their insights as data), and investors (who fund them).


Enable subject-matter experts to focus on what they do best (generating insights) by building tools and processes to accelerate their workflows and connect them with collaborators, customers, and investors.‌


The Diamond ecosystem will have three components: (i) content development platform, (ii) content distribution platform, (iii) content request platform.

The content development platform will enable Diamond members to collaboratively build and update datasets based on qualitative research. Users will be able to define a dataset (a topic, requested attributes, etc), and add rows of qualifying data to the dataset. Users will also be able to update existing records for quality assurance.

The content distribution platform will enable users to advertise datasets, and publish feeds of insights (i.e. article, report) related to their datasets and areas of expertise.

The content request platform will enable users to request custom feeds of insights based on user-selected parameters.

Diamond’s POC market will be DAO governance data (the initiative will be named Polis). Several Diamond members are deeply engaged with DAOs, including DXdao, and see an opportunity to provide insights and datasets on DAO governance, covering decentralized, barriers to participation in governance, and engagement, that are differentiated from other market offerings (including Deep DAO, which recently raised a $3 million seed round).


Diamond’s primary validation has been through recruitment and user interviews.

@amphiboly has conducted user interviews with members of several active DAOs, including DXdao, who have expressed interest in purchasing access to insights related to DAO governance metrics and best practices. One has become a member and contributed funds to Diamond.

@amphiboly also recruited the founder a firm that is interested in collaborating with Diamond to develop and market insights on topics relevant to their firm, and also contributed funds to help Diamond realize its vision.


  • Onboarded 7 members, who are bootstrapping Diamond with $18,000 in funds

  • Conducted user interviews with potential customers / partners relevant to Polis

  • Built and began executing on roadmap for Polis MVP

  • Writing user stories for content development, distribution, and request platforms in preparation for consultation with Raid Guild


Key Diamond contributors have experience designing, developing, and distributing complex data products and pipelines and for F100 companies as founders, senior product professionals, intelligence analysts, and data engineers.

This experience provides us a unique perspective on how to identify market gaps, design and build differentiated data products to fill those gaps, and assure the quality of our data and analysis.

We want to use that expertise to design systems and tools that enable decentralized teams to collaborate and build data products and insights without undue rent extraction from engineers and sales professionals.


  • @amphiboly is a former intelligence analyst and currently leads the data science & data operations teams at a B2B information services company. @amphiboly is performing qualitative research to support Polis, participates in recruitment, identifying potential customers and partners, and designing a roadmap for the content request, development, and distribution platforms.
  • @feralchain is a former policy analyst and the founder of an information services company. @feralchain is assisting with recruitment, and the design on the content request, development, and distribution platforms.
  • @lemp.eth is a data engineer with experience at several insurance companies who is finishing a PhD in Complexity Science. @lemp.eth is designing data pipelines to bring in data from Snapshot, DAOhaus, and other DAO platforms to generate metrics for Polis.
  • @ro4438 is an engineer with experience designing and operationalizing ML recommendation models. @ro4438 will build the Polis front-end and build data pipelines for offchain data relevant to Polis.
  • @sky leads BD at DXdao. @sky is advising on BD for Polis and assists with general strategy and administrative matters.

Grant Request

  • $1,000 Raid Guild consultations for Polis & MVP content development platform


  • Bootstrapped $17,800 from member contributions

Additional Resources


Big thanks to the MetaCartel family for having us speak at your Community Call today about Diamond DAO & Chainverse. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hot_pepper:

Working with MetaCartel’s data is the the most interesting. We can use data visualization to show voting networks in DAOs evolving from a few strings to full blown mesh of interconnections. This graph shows a MetaCartel voters mostly in agreement & with a healthy amount of disagreement.

Link to the deck.

Note that the final proposal is for a $2.5K grant (not $1K as indicated in the forum post from 2 months back).

Check out the deck for complete details.