Proposal: Kokonut Network Grant Application

TLDR; Kokonut Network brings blockchain governance and open-source accounting, to the agriculture industry. Kokonut Network promotes, organizes, funds, and manages coconut farms. We gather funds from the community using the DAOHaus framework for decision-making and project development funds allocation.

When you mix agriculture + blockchain + web3 + perfect weather, and soil, this formula allows us to create an amazing investment opportunity that doesn’t have an expiration date. The formula allows us to offer a lifetime partnership. We achieve this by replanting the coconut trees once they stop bearing fruits, a one-time contribution equals a lifetime of rewards and benefits.

Description & Scope of the Project

The coconut plants will be positioned at a sowing frame of 7.5 x 7.5 meters away from each other. That is equivalent to ninety-six (96) plants per acre of land, which equals 60,000 plants within the six hundred and twenty (620) Acres of land in hand. This variety is capable of producing about three hundred (300) fruits per plant, which makes about 18,000,000 units each year. The market price is around USD 0.44 per unit, which be equal to USD 7,920,000.00 per harvesting year, the DAO will get 40% of profits.

With the investment of this project, the organization seeks to incorporate into the productive process of the area. A total of 10,663 direct and indirect informal jobs. Which has to do with the labor that is required for agricultural tasks such as weeding, application of pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation, and harvesting. As well as other activities to guarantee major success for this project.

Manifesto/Vision: Kokonut Network is born from the vision of lowering the barrier for agriculture development, rural project funding, and democratizing investing into real-world projects. We can leverage and create a multitude of projects, that bring benefits to global crypto communities and every individual that wants to participate. We count on all the permits necessary from the government, economy, weather, and fertile land. Coconut farming is a proven business that has a lot of upsides.

Problem: High demand from the national and international markets. Annual domestic production does not meet demand. Every year the Dominican Republic imports about 25 million units of coconuts, which returns to international markets as exports of coconut derivatives.

Solution: Incorporate six hundred and twenty (620) Acres of land for phase 1 and (3,100) acres of land for phase 2, into the national production system; to be able to increase national annual production, and reduce demand.

Product: The product is coconut farms management, coconut fruits, coconut derivatives, and industrialized products.

Kokonut Network would create three streams of revenue based on coconuts:

Coconut Net Sales — Our V1 Plantation consists of 60,000 coconut plants that will produce roughly 18,000,000 coconuts per year. The average local wholesale price is $0.44, equivalent to $7,920,000 per year. We are currently working on contacting transnational buyers, to export our product and get additional revenue.

Coconut Derivatives — Coconuts are one of the most functional fruits on the planet. You can produce coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut body cream, coconut water, the list is almost endless. This is why coconuts are one of the most profitable fruits in the agriculture sector.

Industrialized Coconut Products — Besides just producing and selling the coconuts, We also plan to create a range of products for retail and wholesale to transnational conglomerates.

Validation: Why Coconuts? It is the most cultivated and vital palm tree in the world, as it is currently the main source of vegetable fat. Coconut is one of the plants that provide such diversity of products and by-products in the world, being a primary source of food, drinks, and refuge for animals.

In 2020, the global Coconut market size was US$12,600 million and it is expected to reach US$20,630 million by the end of 2027. [Source]

Kokonut Network Achievements So Far…

  • Lifetime Profitable Business Plan :white_check_mark: [proof]

    Kokonut Network idea, vision & initial research to design a perfect landscape for our coconut farm, economics, and business scaling.

  • Core team Selection :white_check_mark: [proof]

    Agriculture, sales, and management experts are going to be responsible for the development of Kokonut Network Vision with 35+ years of combined experience.

  • Kokonut Network Brand :white_check_mark: [proof]

    We wanted to create a brand that reflects our love for mother nature, social responsibility, and the vision we have for agricultural communities worldwide. Kokonut Network represents what we are striving for as a global community.

  • Full Fledge Budget :white_check_mark:

    Includes the preparation of the land, plantation of the 60,000 coconut seedlings, worker’s wages, management, taxes, agricultural insurance & maintenance of the plantation until harvesting time.

  • Multilingual Agriculture ERP Software :white_check_mark: [proof]

    We are going to be able to share monthly reports and updates, about how the project is performing in: Sales projections, profits & expenses reports. We will create ERP read-only login credentials for every member with at least 1 share, We’re all about transparency.

  • Kokonut Network Web & Mobile App :white_check_mark: [proof]

    iOS, Android & Desktop apps to promote our line of coconut-based products.

  • Government Agricultural Permits :white_check_mark: [confidential, we can show them in private]

    We have already passed inspection and Local Authorities approved & issued the certificate to develop Project Phase 1.

  • 620 Acres of Land :white_check_mark: [proof]

    We managed to secure a plot of land with perfect conditions for coconut plants founded on scientific soil examinations and historical climate data.

  • Agricultural Company Registration :white_check_mark: [proof]

    We have set up a company to conduct the coconut plantation day-to-day operations & execute the work agenda & budget authorized by KokonutDAO members.

  • Kokonut Network DAO launched on DAOHaus :white_check_mark: [proof]

    DAO will work as follows: members vote to approve a monthly budget based on the agricultural work plan. For example, we will hold a vote on the 21st of each month to approve the next month’s budget. Core members will always provide proof of completed tasks, and accounting reports of every transaction via our agriculture ERP open-source software, read-only credentials for the enterprise system will be available upon request for each DAO member.

Differentiation: There are a lot of DAO’s out there that are just cool ideas, great design & marketing. Without a real business backing their idea. A lot of projects get rug-pulled or end up abandoned by their users because they don’t deliver a good product.

We at Kokonut Network have a different way of doing things. Instead of founding our proposal or business plan on exploiting our users, trying to hype them to buy some non-backed token. We have created a system to promote, fund, and manage coconut farms, that is time-proof, backed by real coconut plants in our land, DAO for funds governance, funds allocation & rewards sharing.

We have a real-world eco-friendly agriculture project at the plantation phase, we have planting permits, 620 acres of soil tested land in optimal conditions, water, and the best weather in the region. We are only missing the funding to plant, maintain and harvest 60,000 coconut plants that will produce roughly 18 million coconuts per year.

Ask: Grant Request $9,260

Grant will help mainly with three things:

  1. The initial check & validation signal for other members and teams to join and contribute to the DAO.
  2. Cover for initial planting permit and use of land fees, these government payment proof will increase the trust in our project.
  3. Help us increase our exposure within the DAO’s & Crypto communities.


  1. Provide MetaCartel access to our ERP software system to oversight our business in the real world.
  2. We will add the MetaCartel logo and URL to our backer’s website section.
  3. All expenses paid trip to the Dominican Republic, for up to 6 MetaCartel DAO members. Fully guided tour, transportation, villas & long-term business proposals of course, for you to take home. *When we collect the first harvest from the coconut plantation.

Need help with:

  • Need help to present the project to other DAO’s & communities
  • Asking for intros to DAOs looking for long-term exposure to real-world projects.











Blockchain Domain: KokonutNetwork.DAO

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