Proposal: MetaCartel joins nfDAO

Coming soon to an L2 near you, the goal of nfDAO is to emulate the ethos of MetaCartel DAO. A grant giving DAO that encourages community building, and funding of early stage NFT builder projects:


Why this matters ?

The budding NFT ecosystem needs support and curation, we’ll be able to altruistically fund early stage projects with our DAO shares, participate in crowdsourced funding of the best projects in the NFT Space.

What we Fund:

  • Apps / Development
  • Music / Events
  • Visual Art/Assets
  • Gaming
  • XR ~ Metaverse(s)
  • Defi + NFT

What’s the ask ?

The request is $5k for MetaCartel to join as an organization and have full access to vote on funding, select candidates, and veto proposals if we choose.

Want to learn more ?

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Seems like a reasonable ask to get this up and running. Would be nice to have a DAO that could be more involved in curating and supporting really early-stage NFT dapps and creators.


+1, ask is low, DAOs are cool, NFTs are cool > DAO to empower NFT space is cool.


Proposal on-chain

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