Proposal: Pr!ce - Seasonal Stock Market

Title: Pr!ce


A seasonal market place for semi-fungible tokens representing shares in NBA players (like a season-long stock market for basketball fans).


A community driven basketball community built on Ethereum. Our goal is to create a fun community that brings basketball fans into crypto, and is true to its fans. Not a centralized league or betting website, a true open market concept built for fans.


Fantasy sports users want to add financial stakes to their leagues. Sports betting is focused on individual games or specific series: its scope is too narrow. There isn’t a way of “putting your money where your mouth is” behind the general success of a group of your favourite players.


A platform that enables basketball fans to engage with their favourite players like a stock market. Users can buy shares in their favourite players and receive dividends based on their real-life performance. This allows fans to get behind the idea of “supporting their favourite players” and add some fun stakes into the mix.


  • Enable users to buy and sell shares in any given NBA player during the season
  • Enable users to receive dividends based on the performance of their holdings
  • Issue “Champion NFTs” as rewards to top shareholders at the end of the season


Proof of Community:

  • 68% of fantasy leagues have their participants pool extra money externally to raise the stakes of their league
    • These are people comfortable with digital assets, passionate about basketball and looking to raise the stakes! A perfect demographic to bring into the Ethereum community and for this product
  • 67% increase in the volume of traded securities from 2019 to 2020
    • 9.5M users on r/wallstreet bets etc.
    • There are huge communities looking to get involved in stock markets. These are people who are comfortable with digital assets and would really enjoy a product like this! It would be awesome to bring them into the Ethereum community


We have a working beta version of our platform which is ready for deploy. It is not currently live on mainnet because we were unsure of the correct way to time our initial release since the minting of our tokens was intended to correspond with the start of the NBA season, however, we may be able to coincide with the start of the playoffs to do a release this year.

However, we do have concrete examples of the state of our project and its functionality.

Here is the devfolio link to our submission to ETH Denver:

Here is the link to our demo video for an alpha version (excuse the audio, we had to speed up the video to meet time requirements):

We have since iterated on our hackathon version to support price graphs, improve our security standards and improve the cleanliness of our codebase.


We are not a fantasy sports league. We are not a sports betting site. We are a platform for the sports community that acts more like a stock market. We are a platform for people to get behind their favourite players and invest in them over the course of the season.

What sets us apart from NBA TopShot is that we are not selling NFTs of highlights or moments. We are offering a unique experience for users to “invest” in their favourite athletes and players for the duration of the NBA season. We’ve discussed with TopShot about integrating with their platform, or building pr!ce as a second layer application to TopShot, but are currently focused on doing this on our own.

We are different from Sorare because we aren’t developing a fantasy league/game. We don’t try to compete with fantasy, or facilitate league matches. We are offering a stock-market system. We focus on token economics, and creating an interesting, liquid market as opposed to developing a game.


We are distinct because of our versatility. Pr!ce employs a 3 tiered incentive model. Traders can play the market backed by our AMM and liquidity pools. Basketball fans can reap the benefits of real life statistical performance, through dividends. Collectors can engage in battles with other collectors to earn our Champion NFTs (by way of becoming top owning holders of a share), introducing market volatility via targeted trading. Abstractly, we are a way for people to invest in both on-chain value (market value) and off-chain value (statistical performance). This core concept is versatile and applicable to any theoretical asset.


Jasraj Bedi - Founder, Security Engineer

Four years of experience developing ETH dapps, and two years of professional blockchain security auditing experience. Blockchain Developer for: Minebusker (ETH Waterloo) and Pr!ce (ETH Denver). Ex. Security Engineer at Google. Perfect Blue hacker.

Ishan Ghimire - Founder, Solidity & Web3 Developer

Two years of experience developing ETH dapps including award winning projects: Minebusker (ETH Waterloo) and Pr!ce (ETH Denver). SWE Roles @ Shopify, Canadian Department of Defence and TAMVOES.

Sam Orend - Founder, Fullstack Web3 Developer

Two years of experience developing ETH dapps including award winning projects: Minebusker (ETH Waterloo) and Pr!ce (ETH Denver). SWE Roles @ Vidyard and Ford.

Anweshi Anavadya - Founder, Solidity Developer

Two years of experience developing ETH dapps including award winning projects: Minebusker (ETH Waterloo) and Pr!ce (ETH Denver). SWE Roles @ University of Waterloo.

Grant Request

We would like 7000 DAI to help us get this to the community! Our goal is for this to be a community driven project. We are already working with Chainlink to feature Pr!ce in their technical blog, and are working on other ways of increasing its visibility. This money would help us cover our deployment costs to mainnet, branding, and help us spread the message about pr!ce in the crypto and sports communities.

Help/Additional Resources

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