Proposal: Snapshot


SnapShot is an open source governance dashboard currently being used by Yam Finance, Yearn, Balancer, SushiSwap and Swerve Finance. They are looking to maintain the dashboard as a neutral community public good.

Currently the whole tech stack is centralised under one web server but are looking to create better resiliency around this. They are also looking to build in on-chain voting into the product too.

At the moment, it is just Fabien mostly contributing to the project but would love some extra help via design and content.


This is a proposal for 2k USD in DAI to help fund some bounties for the project. He has also been meaning to figure out how to join MetaCartel but never got round to it. This is a good opportunity to also loop him in :slight_smile:

About Fabien:

Aside from being the creator of SnapShot, he is also currently on the engineering team at Balancer Labs + also contributor to Potion labs.



Hi here :wave:

Thank you for the proposal @pet3rpan :heart: ! I will follow the discussion here, feel free to ask any question!




Hi folks! Snapshot currently does not have a way for external apps to subscribe to events for proposals and votes.

I’ve been tasked with helping stand up a solution for this, and have started building a router:

The idea is to make this a public resource, open to anyone who wants to listen to snapshot events. Discussion so far has been in the Snapshot Discord, between Fabien, Collab.Land, and OpenLaw.

We could really use MC’s support with these two elements:

  1. Own the code under the MC Github organization. By “own” I just mean where the repo lives.
  2. After the initial stand-up period, provide assistance in maintaining a list of approved subscribers by approving pull-requests.