Proposal: Uniting the DAO ecosystem


Create a shared grants DAO to fund work that has a collective shared benefit to the entire DAO ecosystem.

tldr; solve the DAO ecosystem’s own tragedy of the commons with its own tools


  • DAOStack 20 ETH
  • Aragon 20 ETH
  • MetaCartel 20 ETH

The collective value of being together is far greater than us working insolation.


  • Initially, all funds get matched funding from all sides
  • Uses a Moloch v2 DAO to manage funds (if any party believes that they aren’t getting value out of it, they can ragequit)

The focus of grants?

  • Educational material
  • DAO Hackathons
  • Events eg. DAO Rush Week
  • Research & analysis / community-wide surveys

If you are interested in this, join this telegram chat:


We are using Moloch v2

Was there any mention of who would be stepping up to lead this? Maybe stated another way who’s going to be playing “Summoner”?

Amazing concept and think these funds will be put to good use

Will open this up for the community

But yeah, maybe Tommy from DAO Alliance etc.