Proposal: Untitled Hackathon

A proposal for 5000 DAI to sponsor the NFT hackathon Untitled

  • About:
    • Hackathon that aims to explore composability within the NFT ecosystem
  • When:
    • TBD Start date, still in discussion (Mid October)
  • Progress:
    • Discord has 200+ members already (
    • Twitter has 290+ followers so far (
    • Initial blog post + 50 Hackers have applied (40% devs, 9% designers)
    • 12 Teams/projects already formed within the hackathon discord
    • Currently confirming sponsors, then bounties -> then confirm the start date

xDAI, Matic, Avastars have confirmed sponsorships.

Treasury management

All funds + NFTs of the hackathon are managed by the Untitled DAO aka. a Gnosis multi-sig

Multi-sig (need at least 2 signatures):