Proposal: Valts - Fan Loyalty for Content Creators

Valts Loyalty Program & Discoverability Proposal

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Password: valts

A fan loyalty platform that allows content creators to easily launch NFTs and reward their users for engaging with a creator’s community.

Our vision is to increase exposure and onboarding capabilities to the web3 community through a trusted network of content creators utilizing education and community focused incentives.

Content Creators regularly deal with three major problems; Scaling communities, monetizing their fan base, and building loyalty amongst their fans. The current content that live streamers produce is underutilized and most creators are tied to ad revenue / subscriptions for the majority of their income. Creators want to explore blockchain products as a form of passive income, but have difficulties learning how to navigate the space and educate their fanbases about blockchain in an authentic way. Even those who do sell NFTs are typically missing the inclusion of meaningful utility benefits or a system for executing them on an ongoing basis.

Valts is a fan loyalty platform for Twitch/Youtube content creators that helps them connect with fans and drive new revenue through the gamified collection of NFTs & merch. Every purchase a fan makes earns them XP credits (a stable coin), redeemable exclusively for experiences with content creators (primarily virtual). In addition to our marketplace platform, we are also building a suite of integrations for Twitch, Youtube, and Discord that give creators the data they need to track and incentivize fan activity, paired with an engage-to-earn ERC-20 that fans receive by regularly interacting in creator channels. Our moat is the fan engagement and revenue we consistently drive to content creators who receive a kickback every time fans purchase NFTs/merch, transact on the marketplace, purchase creator experiences, and engage in any of the creator’s channels. This increased attention/engagement also drives significant ancillary revenue for the streamer through fanbase growth, ad revenue, subscriptions, donations and other traditional revenue streams creators already sustain themselves on.

We are launching Valts in the three phases detailed below:

Phase 1 (MVP):

  • Twitch/Google/Metamask Authentication
  • Database & NFT Minting Functionality
  • NFT Pack Feature - Users purchase a pack and receive randomized NFTs inside delivered to their account
  • Experience Redemption Feature - Users earn reward tokens through nft/merch purchases that are exclusively redeemable for unique experiences with content creators (primarily virtual) and are able to redeem with creators
  • Marketplace Feature - Ability to buy/sell all NFT types
  • Creator Tools MVP - Discord Bot, Twitch Bot & Twitch Panel/On-Stream Integration
  • Engage to Earn ERC-20 System Launch

Phase 2 (Launch):

  • Valts NFT Packs Drop Featuring Top Tier Creators (100k+ fans)
  • Users Able to Take Custody of NFTs
  • Experience Redemption Integrations with Top Streaming Tools
  • Creator Tools Integrated into Streamer Owned Channels
  • Engage to Earn ERC-20 Integrated into Streamer Owned Channels

Phase 3 (Post-Launch):

  • VIP Service - Quests, challenges & priority drop access
  • Learn2Earn System
  • Merch & Avatar/Playable Metaverse NFTs
  • Partner Metaverse Integrations via Valts NFTs & ERC-20

As of Nov 2021, we have garnered interest from most talent agencies working in the space and accrued 23 million fans worth of creators who have now signed LOIs to launch loyalty programs via the Valts platform.

$238.8B Total Market Cap for Digital Hobbyists that includes Live Streaming, NFTs, Video Games, Trading Cards, and Virtual Merchandising. Strong focus on the $59.1B Global Live Streaming Market growing at 12%+ YoY

OG Esports ( is a great example of a gaming related brand that has successfully entered the web3 space through authentic launches. Their releases with Socios (fan loyalty), NiftyGateway (championship rings), and Binance (OG Astronauts) have resulted in over 3,000,000 euros of revenue along with creating opportunities with web3 companies including IC Markets and Wintermute.

Our team has already started development as of September 2021 and expect an alpha around Jan 15, 2022 and beta in March 2022. Other features will be in development through full launch going into May 2022.

The MVP launch will include:

  • Logins through Twitch/Youtube
  • Provide custody of NFT/Assets for users
  • NFT generation for Content Creators
  • Early stage integrations for & Discord tracking


  • Most platforms focusing on streamers are following the timeless strategy of taking IP rights and building a product without an emotional link to the featured creator.

    • Live Streaming differs from the traditional celebrity industry because streamers spend on average 6-8 hours per day directly engaging with their communities whether on or off stream.
    • While we produce NFTs for content creators, our bread and butter is tied to providing data analytics for creators to understand how to better engage their communities and to act as a pseudo learning platform for their fan bases to enter the web3 ecosystem.
    • The loyalty systems built within the Valts platform provide users with real use cases for the utility value of NFTs instead of treating them solely as a collector’s item.
  • Most platforms are using centralized ecosystems to manage their assets and do not allow ease of transfer to other ecosystems

    • We provide a custody of NFTs to our users who know nothing about blockchain and then incentivize the users from Day 1 to learn about how to achieve ownership of their assets.
    • Our initial launch of NFTs will be through Polygon which lowers the barrier of entry monetarily while maintaining the ability for users to maximize liquidity by listing their NFTs on platforms such as Opensea

Justin Moskowitz - Founder, CEO

Cofounder and COO of ETHDenver, the world’s largest and longest running Ethereum blockchain hackathon. Over a decade of experience designing and marketing local and international gaming events. Led marketing, community engagement and collegiate esports initiatives for DreamHack’s expansion across the US.

Pat Yiu - Founder, Sales / Operations

10 years of industry experience working with content creators starting as a professional esports player for Cloud 9. Has worked on events and projects in multiple countries with the largest event garnering over 500M views through World University Cyber Games.

Brian Wang - Founder, CTO

Seasoned software architect with over 20 years of experience in software architecture and cloud computing. Has had extensive experience with multiple startups and designed highly scalable cloud applications in both the B2B and B2C space.

Casey Gardiner - Founder, Sr. Blockchain Dev

Senior Software and Blockchain Engineer with over 15 years of professional development experience. Has a vast level of work experience from military signals intelligence, cryptographic key management systems, LexisNexis database engineering, Rockstar Advanced Gaming Engine ( RAGE ) development, and blockchain development. Casey has been a member of the Ethereum Foundation, ETHDenver, and the FIO Foundation following the successful sale of BlockIDE.

J.A. Zhu - Founder, Marketing & Product

Multi-faceted creative marketing executive and games industry expert who served as the VP of marketing for NRG Esports (Sacramento Kings) and has helped build top influencer management and international events companies through his time at TyrusTV and Hexing Technologies.

Grant Request
We are requesting $10,000 from grants to support onboarding fans of Valts creators into the web3 space. This grant would specifically cover costs of discord and twitter events, NFT incentives for active users, and marketing costs associated with producing content for this campaign.

We are also actively looking for community support and would like to start a discussion with project owners within the MetaCartel community who have an interest in working with fans of content creators.

Additional Resources
Deck Link:

Password: valts


Hey Valts team, excited to hear moar about the project / product and it’s goal. I have scheduled you for our next available DAO Town Hall which is Tuesday the 30th of November :calendar:

You should have a corresponding calendar invite in your inbox

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Based on how much the team has already raised from VCs I dont think this is a great bang for buck in terms of impact a small grant would have. If there was some interesting education research going on maybe it could be included but just teaching popular streamers about crypto isnt really exciting to me (willing to be proven wrong).

I think its an awesome project, really excited to see it succeed and i’ll be a user, would love to see MCV invest. But its a pass from me for grants at the moment.

Maybe just 1 membership share / some chili tokens or something for signal?

Agree with this…totally support a $Chili grant + signaling, given the money raised.

I think this is exactly what we’re looking for! Metacartel was my onboarding into web3 and I’d like to give that same experience to all of our users in the future

To your point from earlier in the call about how we could use a grant to specifically benefit web3, I’ve provided a sample concept for a L2E campaign below. The thought process is to use a gamified approach to discovery, bringing users to different creators that they follow and then culminating the activation into a group prize for users who were able to finish. This also gives us a chance to test out whether users will form micro-communities organically within creator communities to complete challenges or if general users will hold the information themselves!

Link: [Google Link]

In the long term it would be great for Valts to partner with an established non-profit edtech institution specifically for this type of research (Maybe the Samueli Foundation from Broadcom who’s focused on better education for underprivileged teens in Southern California which could tie into doing an introduction to solidity within their programming track).

There are three main issues with onboarding right now which include price, ease of use, and # of use cases available to consumers.

Price: All easily accessible content right now either talks about altcoins, yield farming, or metaverse assets. These are great areas of interest, but not the right areas for beginner knowledge.
Ease of Use: Great content for programmers through scaffold-eth and a few other resources that I recommend on a regular basis for web2 engineers who want to move into web3. Very few resources for non-techies to get into Web3 without someone handholding them into the space.
Number of Use Cases: Web3 as a whole has a plethora of different areas of interest, but the problem with this is that two main areas are marketed heavily in the VOD space; altcoins & generative projects (Both are high risk investments) to a primarily u18 audience.

Incentive-based onboarding gives us the best chance of reversing a lot of the barriers put up through 2020/2021 (ICO scandals, a few NFT rugpulls, etc.) inside the creator economy. We’re able to directly pull the same audiences that “sponsored ICOs” have done in the past, but instead guide them through the ecosystem and push hard on the projects that end up garnering the most audience interest.

Would love to chat about this anytime with you Joe as you’re pretty familiar with the gaming space already. I’ll shoot you a DM on discord.

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So let’s a get a proposal on-chain for your membership share @PatYiuTazza and 1337 CHILI tokens :hot_pepper:

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Will do, Justin and I will submit in the morning tomorrow. Thanks ya’ll!