Request for Funding: Datalac - connecting dataverses

Datalac, a revolutionary project utilizing cutting-edge AI, Big Data, and Blockchain technologies to empower individuals, businesses, and societies to unlock the full potential of Big Data through accessible Dataverses and a network of public data collectors on the internet.

Data is the new oil for new software engines (Artificial Intelligence) in the era of digital transformation.

  1. Datalac creates a platform of crowdsourcing network for everyone to ‘suck oil’ (data mining as a natural resource) from public internet. It is the data to earn game.
  2. Then the oil can be poured into different silos (datalakes) with different refineries (dataverses). The first silo shall be Datalac Social datalake then users can have their own datalakes.
  3. From there, the oil will be refined into ‘petro fuel’ and other valuable data-driven products, with the support of Datalac’s AI search engine.
  4. These data products can be used in many cases, providing values for:
    • Individuals (virtual assistant AI) ~ Opendatalac Personal.
    • Businesses (decision making, strategy, marketing ans sales) ~ Opendatalac Enterprise.
    • Societies (open knowledge repositories) ~ opensource Datalac.
  5. AI software engines consume data to run and vice versa, AI engines help to refine raw data (oil) into valuable data-driven products | services (petro fuel…) in datalac.

All in one ~ a whole Datalac circular ecosystem called Datalac AI Economy.
In this economy, we have an intermediate exchange means called $DTVN blockchain token to balance the supply and demand. The $DTVN represents the faith of Datalac Community with the decentralized network (similar to Bitcoin), the data and the power of AI.

Datalac is an innovative project that combines AI, Big Data, and Blockchain technologies to create a comprehensive data ecosystem aimed at empowering individuals, businesses, and societies to harness the benefits of big data. By leveraging datalakes (Dataverses) and a network of public data collectors on the internet, Datalac aims to address key societal needs and transform the way data is collected, analyzed, and utilized.
Originating from the SMCC system, a leading social listening solution in Vietnam, Datalac builds upon its expertise in data analysis and expands its scope to serve a global audience. The project is designed in three development steps: the Data To Earn game for public data collection, the Datalac datalake for large enterprises, and the ZiSan Personal DataLake for individual users. By offering a wide range of data solutions and integrating with advanced technologies, such as large language models and Graph Neural Networks, Datalac aspires to become a significant player in the data-driven digital transformation era.

The Datalac project presents a unique and promising investment opportunity in the rapidly growing fields of AI, Big Data, and Blockchain technologies. By combining these technologies and creating a platform that addresses the needs of individuals, businesses, and societies, Datalac is well-positioned to become a global leader in data-driven solutions.

Key highlights of the investment opportunity include:

Innovative and Scalable Solutions: Datalac’s comprehensive three-step development plan aims to provide valuable solutions to a wide range of users, from individuals to large enterprises, by enabling them to collect, analyze, and benefit from big data.

Strong and Experienced Team: With a diverse and skilled management team, as well as support from major backers like SMCC, InfoRe Technology, and INT^2, the Datalac project has the necessary expertise and resources to bring its ambitious vision to life.

Growing Market Demand: As the demand for data-driven insights and applications continues to grow, the Datalac project is poised to capture a significant share of the market by offering innovative solutions that cater to various users’ needs.

Blockchain Integration: By incorporating blockchain technology and the $DTVN token, Datalac creates a decentralized and incentivized ecosystem that fosters participation, value exchange, and trust within the platform.

Social Impact: Datalac’s commitment to providing free accounts to the underprivileged and university students for learning data mining, as well as promoting open knowledge repositories, highlights the project’s potential for positive social impact.

Considering these factors, the Datalac project offers a compelling investment opportunity for those who seek to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that harnesses the power of AI, Big Data, and Blockchain to reshape the way individuals, businesses, and societies interact with and benefit from data. By investing in the Datalac project, investors have the chance to contribute to the growth and development of a platform that has the potential to make a significant impact on a global scale.

The Datalac project has been designed to tackle several pressing societal needs that have emerged as a result of the ongoing digital transformation and the growing importance of data. These needs span across various sectors and demographics, reflecting Datalac’s commitment to creating a positive social impact. The key societal needs addressed by Datalac are:

Data mining education and opportunities : As data-driven decision-making becomes increasingly critical, there is a growing need for skilled data professionals. Datalac addresses this need by providing accessible data mining education and opportunities to young and disadvantaged individuals, enabling them to develop valuable skills and enhance their employability in the data-driven job market.

Big data management for businesses : Modern businesses face the challenge of managing and utilizing vast amounts of data generated from multiple sources. Datalac helps enterprises accumulate, analyze, and exploit big data, allowing them to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive growth.

Personal data management and security : With the increasing importance of personal data in the digital age, individuals require tools to securely manage, store, and benefit from their data. Datalac’s ZiSan Personal DataLake provides a user-friendly and secure platform for individuals to manage their personal data, build digital legacies, and create personalized virtual assistants.

Open knowledge repositories for societies : As AI technologies advance, societies require large, open datasets to train AI models that cater to diverse communities. Datalac supports this need by creating multilingual open datasets, fostering the development of AI solutions that serve various societies and cultures.

Digital asset creation, preservation, and exchange : The rapid growth of digital assets and their increasing value has created a need for secure and efficient platforms to store, share, and monetize these assets. Datalac’s integration with blockchain technology enables users to create, preserve, and exchange digital items, fostering a decentralized ecosystem that supports the growing digital asset market.

By addressing these societal needs, Datalac aims to create a comprehensive data ecosystem that caters to the evolving requirements of individuals, businesses, and societies, ultimately driving innovation and fostering positive change in the digital landscape.

Datalac’s development plan is designed in three distinct steps to create a comprehensive data ecosystem that caters to various stakeholders, including individuals, businesses, and societies. Each step focuses on a specific set of users and expands the scope of Datalac’s offerings:

Data To Earn game on datalac dot com (a multilanguage version of SMCC):

The first step in Datalac’s development plan involves creating a multilingual version of the SMCC system called The platform will host the Data To Earn game, which allows users to collect and sample public data from the internet while contributing to Datalac’s big datalake. Participants will be rewarded with $DTVN blockchain tokens for their data collection efforts, which will be anonymized and automatically classified by Datalac’s AI system.

Datalac will provide users with AI-powered search engines to analyze and generate statistics on social, market, and brand issues for various countries. Users can earn $DTVN tokens through the Data To Earn game or by analyzing data on the platform. Additionally, datalac will offer free accounts for underprivileged individuals and university students to learn data mining skills. The platform will also generate open datasets in multiple languages for training large language models, catering to the needs of different countries and enterprises.

OpenDatalac Enterprises (enterprise datalake for businesses):

In the second step, Datalac will develop an enterprise-focused datalake called OpenDatalac Enterprises. This solution will help large businesses manage and connect multiple data streams generated by their various products and services. By utilizing Graph Neural Network models, OpenDatalac Enterprises will provide easy integration of AI across a company’s data warehouses.

OpenDatalac Enterprises will also be integrated with the Data To Earn game, allowing businesses to enrich their data using information from the internet. The enterprise datalake can be combined with large language models for automated business analysis and data mining, catering to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

OpenDatalac Personal (personal datalake for everyone):

The final step in Datalac’s development plan is the creation of OpenDatalac Personal, a free and open-source personal datalake solution for individual users. Users can install OpenDatalac Personal on their computers to collect, analyze, sort, and exploit data related to themselves, their families, and their close social relationships.

OpenDatalac Personal will be integrated with the Data To Earn game, enabling users to accumulate data or earn $DTVN tokens and exchange valuable digital items with one another. The personal datalake can also be connected to large language models with low parameter counts, allowing users to create personalized virtual assistants on their computers.

In the long term, OpenDatalac Personal aims to satisfy the growing demand for personalized metaverses, offering a versatile and user-friendly solution for managing and benefiting from personal data in cyberspace.

By following this three-step development plan, Datalac aims to create an inclusive and versatile data ecosystem that addresses the needs of various user segments:

Expanding the scope of the SMCC system through datalac : By creating a multilingual platform, Datalac will enable users from diverse backgrounds to engage with the Data To Earn game and benefit from its data analysis capabilities. The platform will also support the development of large language models and open datasets, fostering AI innovations that cater to different societies.

Catering to the big data needs of enterprises with OpenDatalac Enterprises : As businesses face increasing challenges in managing and analyzing vast amounts of data, the OpenDatalac Enterprises solution will help them harness the power of AI and unlock new insights from their data. By offering seamless integration with existing data warehouses and the Data To Earn game, OpenDatalac Enterprises will provide a comprehensive data management solution for large organizations.

Empowering individuals with OpenDatalac Personal : By offering a free, open-source personal datalake solution, Datalac will enable users to take control of their personal data and benefit from it. The integration with the Data To Earn game and personalized virtual assistant capabilities will provide users with a customizable and user-friendly platform for managing their digital lives.

Through these three steps, Datalac aims to build a comprehensive and accessible data ecosystem that addresses the evolving needs of individuals, businesses, and societies in the digital age. By focusing on education, data management, and AI integration, the Datalac project has the potential to drive innovation, foster economic growth, and create a positive social impact on a global scale.

The Datalac project has devised a comprehensive business model that caters to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses while creating multiple revenue streams for the platform. By offering a suite of tools and services that facilitate data collection, analysis, and exchange, Datalac establishes a sustainable ecosystem that drives value for its users.

Membership fees:

Datalac charges a membership fee of approximately $20/month, providing users with access to the Data To Earn game and a wide range of analytical and statistical features for multilingual social listening.

Data analysis and statistics:

By analyzing data obtained from the Data To Earn game, Datalac forms a sophisticated social listening system that allows members to access valuable insights about public opinion and market trends in multiple languages.

Data To Earn game:

Members can participate in the Data To Earn game to exchange data and earn $DTVN tokens. This creates a dynamic marketplace where users can acquire data samples for their data lakes or contribute data to meet the needs of other players.

Transaction fees:

Datalac collects a transaction fee in $DTVN tokens for each successful exchange between Data To Earn players. This provides a consistent revenue stream for the platform while encouraging active participation in the data marketplace.

OpenDatalac software:

The OpenDatalac software is developed as open-source code, enabling businesses and individuals to integrate it into their data mining efforts. By offering a versatile and accessible solution for data management, Datalac attracts a wide range of users who are looking to harness the power of big data.

Integration with Data To Earn:

The OpenDatalac software can be integrated with the Data To Earn game, opening up opportunities for millions of users to participate in data collection and knowledge exchange. This fosters a vibrant and engaged community of data enthusiasts, driving growth for the platform and creating a robust ecosystem for data sharing and collaboration.

The Datalac business model leverages a combination of membership fees, transaction fees, and open-source software to create a sustainable and scalable platform. By addressing the diverse needs of individuals and businesses, Datalac generates value for its users while establishing multiple revenue streams that support the platform’s continued growth and innovation.

Datalac’s comprehensive data ecosystem provides a unique value proposition and tangible benefits for each target segment, including individuals, businesses, and societies. By addressing the specific needs of each segment, Datalac aims to create a versatile platform that serves a diverse range of users.


Value proposition: Datalac offers a platform for personal data management, education in data mining, and opportunities for earning and exchanging digital assets through the Data To Earn game.


  • Control and manage personal data with OpenDatalac Personal, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Access to free accounts for underprivileged individuals and university students, promoting learning and skill development in data mining.
  • Earn $DTVN tokens and exchange digital assets within the platform, creating new economic opportunities.
  • Develop personalized virtual assistants and metaverses using integrated AI and low-parameter large language models.


Value proposition: OpenDatalac Enterprises provides a comprehensive data management and AI-integration solution that connects multiple data streams, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and make data-driven decisions.


  • Seamless integration with existing data warehouses and systems, reducing implementation complexity.
  • Leverage advanced Graph Neural Network models for efficient data analysis and insights.
  • Enhance business analysis and data mining capabilities through compatibility with large language models.
  • Access enriched data from the internet through integration with the Data To Earn game, facilitating more informed decision-making.


Value proposition: Datalac contributes to open knowledge repositories and the development of large language models by generating open datasets in multiple languages, fostering AI innovations that cater to diverse communities and cultures.


  • Support for large language model training, enabling AI solutions tailored to various societies and cultures.
  • Access to open datasets in multiple languages, promoting inclusivity and global collaboration.
  • Encouragement of AI-driven solutions that address social issues and contribute to the well-being of communities worldwide.
  • Acceleration of AI innovations and advancements through the provision of comprehensive, multilingual data resources.

By offering targeted value propositions and clear benefits for each market segment, Datalac creates a versatile and inclusive data ecosystem that appeals to a wide range of users. This approach positions Datalac for success in the growing data-driven market, allowing it to capitalize on the diverse needs and opportunities presented by individuals, businesses, and societies alike.

The Datalac project has outlined a detailed roadmap to guide its development and expansion over the coming months. This roadmap highlights key milestones and objectives that the project aims to achieve during each phase.


  • Release Datalac dot com : Launch the platform, providing users with access to Data To Earn game and other features.
  • Start Trial Programs: Begin offering trial programs to attract early users and gather feedback for improvements.
  • User Growth: Aim to acquire 3,000 users by the end of the quarter.


  • Start Step 2 and Step 3: Initiate the development of OpenDatalac open-source software for both enterprises (Step 2) and individuals (Step 3).
  • Stop Trial Program: Conclude the trial program on Datalac and transition to a full-fledged platform.
  • User Growth: Aim to acquire 10,000 users by the end of the quarter.


  • ICO for $DTVN Token: Launch the Initial Coin Offering for the $DTVN token, allowing users to participate in the platform’s growth and benefit from its success.

Following this roadmap, the Datalac project aims to stay on track and achieve its objectives in a timely manner. The outlined milestones serve as checkpoints to ensure the platform’s steady growth, user acquisition, and overall success.

Progress reports on the current status of each development step

As of April 2023, the Datalac project has made significant progress across each development step. Below is a summary of the current status for each component:

Data To Earn Project:

  • Progress: 80%
  • Status: A functional demo of the Data To Earn game is available, showcasing its core features and capabilities.

Datalac dot com Building Project:

  • Progress: 60%
  • Status: A demo version of the Datalac dot com platform is available, demonstrating the site’s layout, user interface, and basic functionalities.

OpenDatalac Enterprise Project:

  • Progress: 20%
  • Status: An early-stage demo of the OpenDatalac Enterprise software is available, giving an insight into its potential capabilities and features.

OpenDatalac Personal Software Project:

  • Progress: 40%
  • Status: A demo version of the OpenDatalac Personal software is available, providing an overview of the intended user experience and core functionalities.

The Datalac project continues to work diligently on each development step, with the aim of reaching the milestones outlined in the project roadmap. Regular progress updates and adjustments will be made as necessary to ensure that the project remains on track and successfully meets its objectives.

Comprehensive data ecosystem : Datalac stands out by offering an all-inclusive data ecosystem that caters to the needs of individuals, businesses, and societies. While many competitors focus on specific market segments, Datalac combines data collection, analysis, and management into a single, cohesive platform.

Data To Earn game : The innovative Data To Earn game on datalac dot com not only gamifies the data collection process but also incentivizes users to contribute public data to the Datalac ecosystem. This unique approach encourages user engagement while simultaneously enriching the platform’s data resources.

AI integration and multilingual capabilities : Datalac’s focus on AI integration and support for over 100 languages enables the platform to provide highly accurate and comprehensive data analysis. This emphasis on AI and multilingualism sets Datalac apart from competitors that may have more limited language support or lack advanced AI capabilities.

Open-source and free offerings : Datalac’s commitment to providing open-source solutions, such as OpenDatalac Personal, and free accounts for underprivileged individuals and university students demonstrates its dedication to accessibility and inclusivity. These offerings differentiate Datalac from competitors that may focus solely on paid or proprietary solutions.

Blockchain integration and digital asset exchange : Datalac’s integration of blockchain technology and the $DTVN token allows users to earn rewards and exchange digital assets within the platform. This feature adds an additional layer of value for users and sets Datalac apart from competitors that may not offer similar capabilities.

While Datalac faces potential competition from various data management, analysis, and personal data control solutions, its comprehensive approach and unique features, such as the Data To Earn game, AI integration, multilingual support, and blockchain technology, differentiate it from other offerings in the market. By capitalizing on these differentiators, Datalac has the potential to establish itself as a leading player in the data-driven landscape.

Datalac’s founders have diverse expertise in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, and investing, enabling them to lead the project to success. List of Datalac Founders:

Thanh LE – CEO & AI/Big Data Expert

  • CEO of InfoRe Technology and Datalac Project
  • 15+ years of experience in AI and Big Data
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science from Water Resources University and M.Sc. in Computer Science from Paris XI
  • Proficient in building large-scale distributed systems and data platforms

VC Nguyen – Chief Data Officer & AI/HPC Expert

  • Co-founder of Datalac
  • 20 years of experience in AI and HPC
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science from Vietnam National University, Hanoi and Ph.D. in AI from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Expertise in developing and deploying AI algorithms and models for large-scale data processing

Ha LE – CTO & AI/HPC Expert

  • Co-founder of Datalac
  • 10+ years of experience in AI and HPC
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science from Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  • Skilled in building high-performance computing systems and developing AI models for data processing and analysis

James Nguyen (kooltek68) – CIO & Blockchain/Investing Expert

  • Co-founder of Datalac
  • 10+ years of experience in Blockchain and investing
  • B.Sc. and M.A. from Newcastle University (UK)
  • Experienced in investing and managing Blockchain-based projects

Thanh NC – COO & IT/Investing Expert

  • Co-founder of Datalac
  • 10+ years of experience in IT and investing
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science from Hanoi University of Science and Technology and M.Sc. in Finance from Moscow State University of Railway Transport
  • Proficient in managing technology startups and investing in early-stage companies

Datalac also employs a team of 80 interns from top universities in Hanoi, Vietnam, who develop and test new features and technologies for the project’s products and services. The combination of a strong management team, dedicated employees, and cutting-edge technologies positions Datalac for success in the global marketplace.

Backers and their relevant expertise

Datalac is backed by three major supporters, each providing unique expertise and resources to help drive the project’s success:


  • Established in 2012, SMCC.VN is a leading social listening system in Vietnam
  • Won the First Prize at the Vietnamese Talent Award in 2016, a prestigious information technology award in Vietnam
  • Provides Datalac with core technology, experience in analyzing, processing, and mining data across various fields
  • Enables Datalac dot com to establish a multilingual social listening system, catering to users worldwide

InfoRe Technology

  • Founded in 2011, InfoRe Technology specializes in applying Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies
  • Contributes to the Datalac project with human resources for technology development, valuable experience, and strategic vision
  • Based in Vietnam, InfoRe Technology supports the growth and development of Datalac


  • A large system integrator with extensive experience in participating in national projects in Vietnam
  • Supports Datalac in implementing supercomputing infrastructure, facilitating the operation of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence systems on advanced large language models
  • Contributes crucial technical knowledge and resources to ensure Datalac’s success in managing and processing data on a large scale

With the backing of these three major supporters, Datalac is well-equipped to excel in its mission to provide individuals, businesses, and societies with the tools and resources needed to harness the power of Big Data, AI, and Blockchain technologies.

Grant Request $

The Datalac project requires funding at various stages of development to ensure successful execution and growth. The following funding requirements are outlined for each stage of development:

Early Investor 1 Round (completed in 2022):

  • Funding Raised: $180,000
  • Purpose: Initial funding to kickstart the development of the Datalac project, including planning, research, and early stage development of the Data To Earn game, and building the foundation of Datalac dot com.

Early Investor 2 Round (Q2 - 2023):

  • Funding Target: $450,000
  • Purpose: Funding to support the release of Datalac dot com with the Data To Earn game and the multilingual social listening ability, as well as to cover initial marketing efforts and operational costs.

Pre-sale 1 Round (Q3/2023):

  • Funding Target: $650,000
  • Purpose: Raising capital to start the development of the OpenDatalac software for both enterprise and personal use. This funding will be used to hire additional development staff, invest in necessary hardware and software infrastructure, and cover other project-related expenses.

Pre-sale 2 Round (Q4/2023):

  • Funding Target: $1,000,000
  • Purpose: Securing the necessary capital to complete the development of the project’s software systems and begin commercial operations. This funding will be utilized for finalizing the development of the OpenDatalac software, implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy, and covering operational costs to ensure a successful launch.

By securing the necessary funding at each stage of development, the Datalac project aims to achieve its milestones, develop a robust and innovative data platform, and create a sustainable and profitable business model. This funding will enable the project to effectively address the growing demand for data mining and AI personal assistant systems, and contribute to the ongoing development of the data industry.

Potential return on investment for investors

The Datalac project offers a variety of potential returns on investment for investors, both in the short and long term. The following points outline the potential ROI for investors in the Datalac project:

Strong cryptocurrency market: With the cryptocurrency market recovering strongly from economic and political fluctuations in the physical world, investing in the $DTVN token provides an opportunity to participate in this growth and benefit from potential increases in the token’s value.

Early investment benefits: Investors who participate in early funding rounds can benefit from the rapid increase in the value of the $DTVN token as the reward ratio in Data To Earn halves and as the number of participants in Data To Earn grows. Early investment allows for a higher potential return as the project gains traction and the demand for $DTVN tokens increases.

Access to Datalake software: Investors also receive access to the advanced Datalake software developed by Datalac, which provides numerous features for personal and business data storage and utilization. This software can help investors and businesses streamline their data management processes and improve overall efficiency.

Future data resource exchange: The $DTVN token can also serve as a valuable resource for exchanging precious data in the future through the Data To Earn game. As data becomes an increasingly important asset in the digital world, investors can leverage their $DTVN holdings to acquire and trade valuable data resources, further enhancing the potential return on investment.

By investing in the Datalac project, investors have the opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for data mining and AI personal assistant systems, as well as benefit from the increasing value of the $DTVN token and the expanding market for data resources.

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