Safari DAO idea

tldr: what can we achieve by connecting the local community meetups around the world?

Safari DAO

Problem statement

It is extremely difficult to communicate and disseminate information to the global Ethereum community. Individual communities around the world aren’t connected, nor are they coordinating together to important ecosystem information and resources.


Connect community representatives of all the local Ethereum communities around the world to create a shared communication network to be leveraged to increase the flow and quality of information and resources shared amongst the global community.


Create a DAO that will fund efforts and initiatives that will connect the world wide Ethereum communities and foster more grassroots community development around the world.

A list of potential initiatives…

  • A monthly newsletter update of the local communities around the world that will be announced by the meetups in real life.

    • Share work, updates, and progress with various cities to feel increasingly more connected to the global ecosystem.
  • Resources to help people launch and run meetups.

    • People run meetups
    • Hold weekend hackathons
    • Connect people to mentors who have done it before
    • Resources for Meetups including ideas and materials for talks and workshops.
    • Connections with projects & players in the community to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Development and community decided the creation of communal initiatives — “must benefit all local communities in real life”

  • Enable a global point of discovery for local Ethereum communities which the community can then leverage…

    • Local help and guidance
    • Couch surfing / Accommodation
    • Connections with the local community and resources
  • NFTs awards/points for achieving things…

    • Running a kickback event
    • Dogfooding Ethereum dapps at meetups and posting proof
    • Announcing the monthly agenda/newsletter at the meetup
    • Contributing to the ecosystem’s resources including:
      • Content creation
      • Cross community collaboration
      • Assisting with running cross community events
      • People willing to give Talks at other communities in person or via web
      • Facilitating workshops
      • Translation services
      • Learning Material
  • These points allow you to….

    • Buy a sponsorship slot at the newsletter. This is potentially how meetups will monetize their meetups.
  • Provide a platform to facilitate funding of worthwhile initiatives:

    • In meetups and less advantaged communities
    • That incentivize community participation
    • Cross community initiatives and projects
    • Participation in large events such as Devcon and the like for representatives of those communities less able to attend

This would be an incredible resource for OGs and newcomers alike. Could this integrate cleanly with TCR project?


Like it, it sounds a little bit like the #BUIDL community from consensys

When we joined the network it was to also share similar values, resources, info like you said above. They even are about to launch a newsletter for all meetups, approx 40+ atm.

May be able to also tap into POAP for attendance badges?

Let me know and can intro to Adam who organises it

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@Jimbob and introduction would be appreciated :slight_smile: my telegram is @pet3rpan

We should try to have consistency within all the different tech stack from MetaCartel. For example there are circles within the MetaGame maybe we can call them SafariDAOs @pETH or how do you think we should manage that?


Heyyy Manu!!! Nice to meet you here as well