Sencha Credit--Helping bring the world to DeFi

Title: Sencha Credit
Description: We act as a bridge to the decentralized world. Our First use case will be with traditional financial institutions to enable them to have access to DeFi and help them help their consumers have access to higher yields. Our first beachhead market will be Pension funds, Credit Unions, and smaller fintechs.
Manifesto/Vision: We want the world to transition to the DeFi/blockchain ecosystem. We understand that for that to happen, we need to reach a point where everyone can easily be onboarded and understand the complex world of DeFi. We aim to be the bridge to this solution and we want to help bring everyone into this new, more equitable world.
Problem: Credit unions, small banks, and pension funds support a lot of people–the people are just not well versed enough to capture the true value of DeFi yield, and traditional firms that help serve this population is not doing so with DeFi on their side.
Solution: We can equip the firms supporting them with the power of DeFi, we can start the onboarding process to the new world of decentralized technologies. Our solution brings people to this world in a large number, exposing them to the power of DeFi and allowing them to dip their toes in this world before expanding onwards and learning even more compounded with new education and positive experiences through our platform.
Product: We are creating a highly intuitive platform in which traditional financial firms can onboard their customers onto DeFi and enjoy higher yields.
Validation: We have had calls with potential customers including some of the biggest credit unions in the nation and they have expressed interest in our product and have brought up giving us engineers to build out the product to completion.
Progress: We are building the interface of the idea right now and have talked with backend connections that we will use as we finalize our product.
Differentiation: This market is unloved and underutilized in our opinion. We want to help bring everyone to the world of decentralized technologies.
Team: Our team consists of two college students (Head of Product and COO) and an individual who works at SAP (CEO). Our team, particularly our Head of Product and CEO, have been working with blockchain technologies for years now and we have the experience of working with eBay’s NFT team as increased knowledge of the space.
Grant Request $: We are requesting $10,000 in order to continue building out our product and bringing this API to the world.
Funds: We were part of an accelerator attached to Boston College and got 10k from them. We will be raising our first round shortly.
Help: We would like some funding as well as a CTO (if available and interested please contact