Share Spice Bank Safe with sub dao for efficient swaps

Proposing we have a sub-DAO in shared control of the Spice Bank that can execute swaps on behalf of the DAO/minion with less coordination overhead. It would likely be any @Paladins that want to help coordinate. Hoping we can have 5 or so then set the minion early execute to 50%.

DAO-wide coordination makes it difficult to pull off time-sensitive tx (e.g. swaps)

We can securely outsource this to a sub DAO that shares the gnosis safe (Spice Bank)


  • Main DAO Treasury remains
  • Paladin DAO created (24 hour vote, 48 hour grace, 50% early execute quorum)
  • Minion Safe shared between DAOs 1/2 signatures (add Paladin minion as signer to safe)
  • Send funds (for swapping) to Paladin DAO shared safe (Spice Pank)
  • Swapped funds returned to treasury

Funds could be retrieved by the main DAO, if necessary, although the subDAO would have shorter periods. Members of the subdao should be members of the main DAO first so they can be held responsible.

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Agree on this, I would volunteer to join the working groups / signer pool.

Likewise, would be willing to contribute to this