Software Cost and Event Sponsorship Reimbursal

Requesting repayment of cost associated with community work.

On (Mar-30-2020) I sent .8 ETH to the bounty setup by Mintbase for the DG hackathon. This was an agreed upon amount for MC ecosystem projects that were short on funds. I fronted the cost because the bounty needed to be loaded in advance in order to be paid out through Bounties Network. Here is the Tx information.

On (03/31/2020)
I purchased a year of Zoom pro membership to continue my community work.
Amount: $158.90 US Dollars

Total payback of these costs is equal to 1.6 ETH or roughly 3 DAO shares.

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Proposal on-chain

Can we get more MC members added to the Zoom membership? I think you can have up to 8 people on one membership?

Absolutely, just send me your email if you wanna be on the account :metal:t3:

This is actually a great fiat-to-crypto and normy-to-DAOmember on-ramp. Two in one special.
Pay for Zoom (or real world service) with fiat credit card -> get reimbursed with DAO shares. Genius! How can we expand this?!

Well that is “if” people are okay with getting repaid in DAO shares. For myself since I’m already actively involved with the DAO I’m happy to get reimbursed with them. For normies I don’t think they would see the value in getting reimbursed with shares that are most likely to depreciate and that they don’t even know what to do with.

True - but they always have the option to cash all or some out immediately.

I just found out that you can only add 1 pro user per account, the rest are basic users that time out at 40 mins sadly.