The BIG ‘dApp idea' thread

Some Dapp Ideas that I would love to see here:

1- A simple Ethereum mobile-first light client. Yes, there may be some elements of centralization.
2- A really easy plug-in to be able tip with some crypto on existing social networks.
3- Easy on boarding/set up layer for signing up to a Dapp without a prior wallet (attn: Universal Logins)
4- An app to allow a group of people (say >100) to vote in favour of something launching and that automatically executing a transaction to launch another smart contract.
5- Simple price oracles. Decentralized is preferred, but I would accept a more centralized service that had a roadmap towards decentralization. There are dozens of way to do this and I am happy to talk about different approaches.
6- Simple basket comprising a “stabler coin”. A simple coin that is a crowdsources balance of top-tier crypto apps.
7- You could also take most Defi apps and make a mobile-first easy interface for them. The teams would generally love it.

I will add to this list as more things come up. Feedback is welcome.


@yaniv Nice! I know a team (Colorado Blockchain Community) who’s put quite a bit of design/tech thought into a similar product albeit on the local level.

@rzurrer thanks for posting! Some good ideas there to discuss.

@vengist great to know. Would definitely be ideal to find teams that are already interested in particular problem areas and to leverage as much existing work as possible.

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Universal waiver

Micro-charity DAO

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Awesome @harmonylion1. Thanks for posting! Nice way of leveraging existing building blocks. What do you think would be the target CDP size and purchase size?

Crypto Project Registry

It would be great to have a complete list of all crypto projects as well as their team members and roles. The same way HumanityDAO and 3Box are creating identity layers on top of Ethereum addresses, it would be great to do the same with projects themselves. Think Crunchbase for crypto.

This brings up interesting questions around identity verification. Who would attest that a person is authorized to register on behalf of a project? We could use a heavyweight approach like the KYC process used to open a bank account or we could use something that’s simpler and “good enough”. For example we could use the same mechanism as HumanityDAO and use Twitter to bootstrap verification. If there’s already a Twitter account for a project that has legitimacy in the eyes of the community, ownership of that Twitter account could be sufficient as proof for approving the listing application on a TCR.

Having a directory where you could browse all crypto projects, see what they’re working on, who their authorized signers are, and individual team members would be useful in a host of applications. An app that’s good enough to keep updated and be used as a primary reference for business development could improve collaboration and be an asset to our community.


I think it should be up to each user to decide:

  1. CDP size
  2. Risk level

The two of these would combine into available purchase amount :slight_smile:

Yes, like for dapps

@harmonylion1 Makes sense. I’m just trying to get a feel for the target market.

@harmonylion1 Yes, for dApps and any type of project in the crypto space: protocols, dApps, funds, security auditors, marketing agencies, etc. There’s also but this would be a decentralized registry that anyone could add to.

Crypto Press Releaser

This January, I tried issuing my first press release for The Graph. It was an awful experience. The first step was verifying my identity and ability to speak on behalf of the company, a process that took a few days and cost $200. It would be nice if we could improve on this with the Crypto Project Registry. Next, I had to use an awful form to submit the press release. No noteworthy news outlets picked up the press release and instead I got inundated with useless spam for months. Lesson learned!

Press releases are a useful concept though. When a project raises funding, launches a new product, cements a major partnership, etc, it’s nice to have a place to broadcast these kinds of announcements. People tend to use Twitter and Medium but journalists and other interested parties may not be following these projects and may not see the news.

It would be nice if as a crypto project I could submit a press release to a crypto specific broadcast network. These releases would be signed by the private keys designated as authorized signers in the Crypto Project Registry. We could leverage our relationships with all the major journalists covering crypto and get them to monitor the Crypto Press Releaser. We would want to implement some kind of decentralized filter mechanism to ensure that submissions meet a quality bar while not picking winners and losers.

We should be able to get all the major projects in the space to use this to disseminate their news. If we can create a high quality stream of news updates for the crypto industry that could be picked up by journalists and other interested parties, that could greatly improve information sharing and dissemination in our space.


Love this idea, kind of like a bloomberg terminal with onchain data and team updates combined

mvp is twitter list i guess with metacartel projects

+1 This could be pretty powerful.

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Build a TCR that lists and curates the best dapps of Web 3.0

Read Mike Goldin’s TCR 1.0

The various actors in the TCR

Consumers — “Consumers desire high-quality information”

  • MetaCartel DAO wants high-quality information so that it can fund the best DApps.
  • The community wants to play and try the best and most fun dapps in the space.

Candidates — “Candidates desire the attention and consideration of consumers.”

  • DApps are the candidates as they will get the attention of investors and community members who will use the DApp.

Token holders — “To keep demand for their token high, token holders must keep… the quality of listings high… then consumers will be interested in the registry such that candidates will desire to be listed in the registry. Token holders realize a direct financial benefit for curating the list in an expert manner, and the degree of their benefit increases proportionally to the quality of their curation as consumer and candidate interest rise in lockstep.”

  • MetaCartel community members
  • Community members from adjacent communities & projects (The people we give the curating token to must the token more valuable, not less.)
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“Crypto Crunchbase”

Create a TCR to registered a crypto projects registry that could replace LinkedIn / Crunchbase for the Web 3.0 community.

Micro charity DAO with voting? +

To my knowledge, no such integration currently exists.

One of the promises of blockchain is decentralisation, but very often the power is centralised in a single onlyOwner account. Whenever it is possible to replace onlyOwner with multisig, DAO, arbitrator - yes please.

An idea I would like to share…

It’s very generic, it’s not very well researched yet but hopefully you’ll find it useful.

  • Buying a used car - I would like to know servicing history and any defects.
  • Buying used laptop - I would like to know if battery life is still good and no dead pixels.
  • Renting a property - tell me about the noisy neighbor. Or (real-life situation of me) - I’m based in London - there are double-decker buses. My garden is semi-private, guys from the upper deck can see me naked. Wish I knew it before signing lease…

In essence - register of everything - augmented information - it pays off to be honest - it pays off to tell me about dead pixel.

Micro research - attaching notes to physical space -

And then step back - a higher level problem is identity. Once we have identity, can do reputation, spam protecting, weighting, everything… It’s freaking complicated. My head is exploding :zap::zap::zap:

Good points. I’ll think of other ways to accomplish this.

Also like your idea about digitally registering physical information. Seems like a challenge, but a crucial one if tokenized real estate is ever going to be a thing (because appraisals—how do you know a property is worth its trading price? Etc.)

Check this out:

Most defi ain’t decentralized, it’s centralized finance with m of n multisigs or even worse single key control

Another idea:

I absorb loads of data. I have many considerations, many priorities, many factors.

I’d like to have AI / IA (intelligent assistant) on call, at all times.

Surveillance, privacy, GDPR, blah blah… I’m not playing this game, this game is lost, I’m OK to acknowledge we have more important problems to solve:

I think having TCR is contradictory to having a “a single consolidated calendar” because TCR is selective and any events which are rejected to be on the list are more likely to create their own event calendar. If your main goal is to create “one single place”, then better to scrape all events (which EthereumJesus did during DevCon4

Interestingly, DevCon5 already have 2 event calendars and and we (Kickback and local venue providers) are planning to make our own calendar.
The big motive of why multiple calendars pop up (rather than they coordinate to create one single one) is that each calendar usually want to promote their own events. Having full control of the calendar have better exposure within the calendar.

I think what would be more interesting is to have event DAOs which group like minded event organisers into a single DAO and coordinate together on finding sponsorship , speakers, venues, and also trying to avoid time conflicts (which has a side effect of the DAO itself acting as TCR) . I put more thoughts about the topic on this blog which I concluded that we could use Moloch/MetacartelDAO itself.

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7/29/2019 22:08:23

Email Address

Your name
Maximilian Kuck

Project description
We want to scale democratic processes/governance via blockchain solutions. We build a sovereign online community/voting/debate platform to organise political events/parties/entities, NGOs, digital labour unions, universities etc. and as a vision: giving every human on the planet an equal voice in governance/political decisions (therefore we work together with, kialo and other non-profit initiatives). We want to build the organisational lobby for the people to give back power/influence and identify their real needs. We base the voting process on the new theory of quadratic voting and liquid democracy.

Concerning the deadline on 07.09.2019:
We are currently developing an use case and MVP for the VOLT party congress on 08.09. therefore using LeapDAO plasma for scaling. We are also going to use quadratic voting as a new way of weighing voter preferences and letting people get familiar with token based community participation. We are going to have a lot of valuable data to collect which we compare to their analog/traditional voting process of yes and no (which is stated as mandatory in their voting manifesto, which might change with the right outcome of this use case).

Current status: Concept

Project deadline: 9/7/2019

How do you plan to utilize Plasma?

Maximize scalability and usability for latency free blockchain voting. Together with the burner wallet we build a pop-up democracy for the upcoming party congress of the VOLT party.

How are you going to promote your project?

We are going to make the first quadratic vote on the public blockchain for a political party worldwide + first quadratic voting in Europe. So far only web solutions in USA and Taiwan (participatory budgeting) has been used. Our team is well connected due to past job positions in communication agencies. Since the young VOLT party is getting hyped by the media at the moment + quadratic voting as a new voting theory + blockchain use-case in general, we already got some interest from big media houses. We are going to place leapdao as a central actor and partner for the technical solution on our landing page and in the media in general.

How many people are in the team?

naming and LP still in progress

Github profile

How much funding you expect to receive?
5.000 DAI

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