🎉 The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

Nice, those are some interesting approaches - let’s hop over to that thread.


Check it out: 💭 Idea: Membership as a form of Sustainability?


greetings all! brent here from Canada. i’ve built communities to solve technical challenges and build complex systems in meat space (hardware). i’ve been studying DAOs since The DAO and am a firm believer that we have reached peak hierarchy. really looking forward to following along here and contributing as i can.

anyone in Toronto on Thursday for the meetup before EthWaterloo?

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I work on SaaS products, mostly, both front- and back-end development. I do some infrastructure work in AWS and I’ve dabbled in Ethereum smart contracts. JS, PHP, and Python are my most comfortable languages.

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Hey there! This is Martin Etzrodt (most often found elsewhere as @etzmail). I am working as researcher for AKASHA.org. Currently focussed mostly on ethereum.world . Cheers.


Hi I’m Gabi, currently working full-time on Aragon. Had super nice conversations with both James and Garrett, I think cross pollination of communities building DAO models could be a catalizer to step forward and keep push experimentation and adoption of this powerful tools. I’m here to contribute and learn :slight_smile:

Btw, I’m super interested on create a baseball card representation for each member of a DAO allowing to introduce the concept of believability weight decisions of Ray Dalio to DAOs :star_struck:


Hello everyone, I’m Mark and I’m an anthropologist. I’m new to DAOs and pretty new to blockchains. I’ve made a contribution to the BIG “dApp idea” thread, feel free to check it out and reply; The BIG ‘dApp idea' thread

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Hi folks! I’m Ariel Becker, from Argentina. I worked some time now on crypto projects, mostly for the Nebulas project (currently working on a Metamask plugin for that blockchain).

Now, my passion is mapping. I have an (almost) complete map of the railroads in Argentina, and, given my current knowledge on GIS (Geographical Information Systems), I want to develop a fork of Leaflet that implements web3 (especially NFT) to store features on the map, like points, lines, and areas.

Imagine a map framework that lets you buy a marker for your business, complete all the info, then apply it in any web map app that implements the framework; you can carry all your info, your reviews, in your Ethereum account, and share it in as many maps as you want.

Another cool use of this framework can be for city maintenance: every culvert, every storm drainage, traffic light, etc, has its own NFT. Each NFT can be associated with several metadata, as last maintenance date, current status, date it went into service, date it was taken out of service, and so on.

Yet another use: a geographic like alla Pokémon GO. You can put several characters on the map, construct an app around it, and use the framework to determine position and ownership.

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Hi everyone, I am David from Los Angeles, CA. I just read the MetaCartel Ventures whitepaper and think it is a really amazing concept so I found my way over here. I am a UC Berkeley grad and full stack developer currently working at Nash, a cross chain DEX supporting Ethereum and other chains. It took me a while to realize how amazing Ethereum is, but now I am obsessed with it and every day for the past few months I have been learning more and more about the community and ecosystem; it is fascinating. I am a big lurker, sometimes commentator, on crypto twitter (dvdschwrtz) and I am interested in digging deeper on the technical side of Ethereum and exploring the range of possibilities for new and exciting dapps and protocols.

Nice to meet you all!


Hello everyone! My name is Jason Jones and they call me theDoctor. I am an entrepreneur and investor. I have started a bunch of companies and funds along my journey, many of which continue to this day (see my LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonjoneslinkedin/).

For the past two years I have been focused on the Blockchain. I was the project lead for ConsenSys Capital Asset Management where I tuned my focus to DeFi. I recently joined Centrifuge to help launch their Tinlake product, which is a securitization platform to introduce real world assets to DeFi.

I have previously created and launched a series of hedge funds, ETFs and robo-advisors and I am now extremely interested in the next frontier, specifically creating a for-profit investment DAO. I have joined this community after reading the MCV DAO whitepaper.

I love how MCV DAO is really a DeFi system on top of the existing US legal framework. I want to get involved and I want to iterate. Please ping me, tell me what you are working on, and how I can get involved.

I look forward to meeting you all!



I’m Marc, a Philadelphia lawyer, founder, and investor. I’m the President and co-founder of a LawCoin, a ConsenSys Tachyon II legal fintech company for litigation finance investments and social justice crowdfunding on Ethereum. We recently completed the world’s first tokenization of a litigation finance investment (https://codefi.consensys.net/blog/lawcoin-completes-worlds-first-tokenization-of-litigation-finance-investment), are working on a number of other exciting litigation finance deals, and anticipate a platform roll-out in Q1. I’m also Partner and co-founder of a class action law firm that has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients nationwide.

I was talking to @lex_node about MCV and decided to join the forum to learn more and contribute; excited to get involved.


Hey everyone! My name is Greg and I’m Head of Operations at the Shardus Association. It’s awesome participating in a new world of organizations knowing DAO’s will likely change the way commerce works and this is just the beginning. I’m on the non-tech side of blockchain helping to support Shardus’ marketing and business development efforts. Shardus is a framework to launch linearly scalable decentralized networks with state sharding. I look forward to forming relationships with blockchain developers here and helping the community build decentralized applications with no constraints.


Howdy Cartel,

I’m Adam Blumberg from Texas. I’ve been a financial advisor for 11 years now, but got bitten by the crypto bug a few years ago. It started with buying some Bitcoin and ETH, and led to a trip down the Blockchain rabbit hole.

We were trying to determine how we could help this technology grow, and be a part, even though we aren’t developers. We finally decided that we know the most about the financial world, and are really good at explaining complex concepts to people in a way they can understand easily.

So in Sept 2019 we launched our YouTube channel and website - www.youtube.com/c/interaxis. We try to explain Blockchain, crypto, DeFi. We talk about protocols, apps, and concepts. We have recently launched a podcast as well.

Since we sit in a relatively unique spot of being traditional financial advisors, we are also trying to work with some teams to build some protocols and DApps that we feel will be useful and necessary to more retail users, and gain more adoption. To that end we are also very focused on the unbanked and underbanked, and how they will be using DeFi as a bank, and crypto as money.

I will be applying to join MetaCartel, and hope I can add to the community.

I look forward to changing the world with all of you.


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Welcome all @beckermatic @dvdschwrtz @thedoctor @Marc @Shardus @InteraxisAdam :innocent:

Thanks so much. Looking forward to being a part of the Cartel

Yo what’s good! I’m Hammad (also known as META_DREAMER), I’m a designer and full stack dev, been doing web/mobile app design and development for my own startups as well as remote contract work for the last 6 years. Graduated last year from the University of Alberta in Computer Engineering (we have probably one of the best AI programs in the world, come through if you’re interested).

I do UI/UX/Gfx design, full stack dev, branding, AI / Machine Learning, blockchain dev, project management and other stuff. I love fashion, hip hop, unnecessary gadgets, building computers / keyboards, photography, and nice walks through Falador Park.

I got into crypto back in late 2010 mining Bitcoin after I heard about it on some Runescape forum. I had a bunch but sold it all for like $20 a pop. Make a couple grand which was huge for me in high school, but then got salty in 2013-2014 when I realized I could’ve made a lot more. Lost interest until late 2016 when my buddy from Waterloo told be about Ethereum. Been following it and self-learning blockchain technology ever since. Had mostly a passive role until Devcon 5 in Osaka where I decided the time was right for me to get more involved.

Ethereum is my biggest passion right now, probably the most exciting space to be working in and the community is amazing, especially MetaCartel. Really feels like the 90s when the Internet was first being built, and its awesome being at the forefront of all of this. Sometimes I feel like I was guided to this space by divine intervention, and everything else I’ve done in my life leading up to this was just preparing me for it. I have a bad habit of doing too many things, but here I feel like I can actually make the most of all the things I’ve learned.

But yea, glad to be a part of this! Right now I’m working on https://metafactory.ai and MetaGame (@metafam on twitter), also going to be working on building better tooling for dApps and creating more engaging content / podcasts / youtube videos.


Hello, Hi everyone,
I’m David Moore, UX and UI designer based in the UK. Co-founder Of Ethereum arts / nft marketplace KnownOrigin.io & big believer in the DAO approach to scaling.

Happy be here, excited to contribute


Hey everyone, I’m Nodar and I’ve been a big fan of MetaCartel for a while now, decided I needed to show proof of contributions before posting an introduction here.

So in August I started writing DeFi Tutorials to highlight best opportunities & risks involved when using DeFi protocols. I realized many end-users want to see live tests of someone actually using these DeFi tools before putting in their own money behind it - a sort of a ‘test-drive’.

After getting some incredible feedback, I hacked up DeFiStrategies which is a DeFi trading simulator - with no code using Glideapps. I love staying lean by using all available tools to get MVP out to early users asap and iterate from feedback - i think this is what our space is missing a lot of. Teams need to find market fits asap.

In DeFi Strategies simulator I was allowing end-users to pick out which positions they want to open up and some started thinking they would be able to execute strategies right from this app. Around same time, I found out about Kyber’s DeFi Hackathon and since i needed help with smart contracts I reached out for help on their discord.

Dipesh responded and we immediately clicked, i believe because we both have accounting backgrounds. DeFiZap was born.

DeFiZap deploys capital across multiple DeFi protocols in a single transaction. What does this mean? You open positions on several platforms with different opportunities. For example: you could long ETH with 2x leverage on Fulcrum and supply liquidity on Compound with a single click.

Doing this in one go helps you save time + gas. It’s important to note: when you place trades or supply liquidity using these DeFi platforms, you get back liquidity/position tracking tokens. DeFiZap doesn’t spread your money into ‘top 10 coinmarketcap’ - Zaps infuse capital into DeFi.

As it stands now, Zaps essentially spit back balance tracking tokens which are minted from different DeFi platforms. These allocation %s are pre-defined and Zap contracts never hold users’ funds. But you could imagine users will be able to customize Zaps.

Currently we are looking for feedback to help us refine our vision while listening to the community and creating Zaps to fill real use cases. We have 5 zaps live now and are currently finalizing our first integration with Pools.fyi

Sneak peak: you will get to one-click enter 1 or multiple Uniswap pools using just ETH, abstracting the whole need to obtain erc20 tokens to match your eth. So for example, you deposit ETH, half goes to buying MKR and after ETH+MKR are added to the MKR uniswap pool - you get back Uniswap liquidity tracking tokens. This cuts off a lot of Metamask interactions for end users. To start Pools.fyi will have a “get in a pool” button next to Uniswap pools. Next we will work on, exit a pool in one go. This is super nice from ROI perspective because as end-user I am able to clearly see how much ETH i entered into a pool with and how much i ended up getting back after exit.

Some thoughts (this is where we would love feedback):
-Zaps (including create your own which we will enable soon) are always free. They help anyone get in/out/between positions on DeFi platforms in one go.
-Developers providing unique UI experiences (such as pools.fyi) can integrate these Zaps and charge a fee on top if they want.
-Eventually we will deploy dynamic zaps which users can get into if they choose and these zaps optimize positions themselves. At this point, again if the end user chooses to enter through this dynamic zap (at which point we mint balance tracking token for that zap), a small exit fee is charged when users redeem their tokens (to close out positions). This fee goes to DeFiZap DAO and is used to support and further develop DeFiZap.

I want to keep building DeFiZap, publishing DeFiTutorials (which im in the process of open-sourcing through Gitbook - currently 500+ readers) and pushing no-code movement through no-code tutorials. This will enable a lot more people who don’t necessarily have strong coding skills, to be able to easily create MVPs to test their ideas. This will ultimately help get to product market fit faster + without wasting a lot of resources.

Looking forward to your feedback and meeting you all IRL one day! I’m located in Brooklyn.


Let’s do this :slight_smile: I love the semi-passive approach and been spending probably too much time on index/portfolio*DAO problem space!

Hey folks,

Jonathan here :wave:

I’ve been working closely with the MetaCartel in the past couple of months, helping develop the MetaFactory merchandise store with @burningfiat and @META_DREAMER, so it’s about time I post here to formally introduce myself :).

I’m a developer at Flex Dapps - a speciality development house in Melbourne, down :australia: under :australia:. I was first drawn to Ethereum & Web3 when completing my studies at The University of Melbourne in 2018, and have been cutting code ever since. Big believer that building neat, functional, and competent dapps on scalable infrastructure is one of the only sure-fire ways to level up Web3 into the mainstream. With this in mind, I’ve always been impressed with the output of the MetaCartel!

Looking forward to working with you all in the future!