🎉 The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

Hello! My name is Shreyas Hariharan and I’m in Bangalore, India. I’m building Llama, a tool to manage a crypto community treasury - set a budget, track inflows and outflows, and access a real-time community treasury dashboard. The goal is to make it easier for the treasurer and increase visibility for the community. I won an award at the Seed Club hackathon and was offered grant support from MetaCartel post the ETHGlobal hackathon. I currently help manage the treasury for $JAMM, a social token community. I previously worked for 3 years on the investment team at Duke University’s $18 billion endowment. Among other things, I helped lead Duke’s efforts in crypto.


Hi All I am Joe Gonzalez, Founder of Huddln Protocol/Dapp. https://huddln.io
I am excited to join this community and see the latest and greatest Dapps !

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Hello Metacartel, my name is Elliot. I have previously worked on a project that received a grant from metacartel, RocketNFT. I currently work on smart contracts at my day job and tinker with them on nights and weekends.

I am interested in security, money legos (Defi) and tokenization.

Hi all, my name is Dan Dadybaev, @ddadybayo on Twitter. Since 2017 I’ve been working on the Unstoppable wallet (https://unstoppable.money). You can also check out my team’s other products by going to (https://horizontalsystems.io/)

Happy to help with technical questions for beginners

Hey MetaCartel, my name is Troy Sadkowsky and I have a growing passion in decentralised systems.
I have been working as a Data Scientist in various domains for the last 10 years and I am also the owner of the LinkedIn group Data Scientists which has over 85,000 members. I would like to create a new DAO called “DAO Data Scientists”, please let me know if you or someone you know would be interested in helping making it happen.

Whats Up! My name is Pete Keating! I’m currently working as a Product Designer & Frontend Engineer with a core interest in how decentralization can benefit musicians, creators and artists. I’m also working on my own side project related to minting music into NFT’s - looking for contributors if anyone is interested.

Before all this:

  • I started my career with an EdTech startup, and played a major role contributing to our partnerships/biz dev as we took on $57M in venture funding, grew to 220 employees, and scaled annual revenue to $35M.
  • I then took a left turn to pursue a passion for music, and got a role at the top recording studio in the world, Record Plant, supporting studio operations for A-list clients like Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Young Thug, and more. I also produce music as an artist - 100,000 streams to date!

Happy to be here!
@thepetekeating on Twitter

Hi MetaCartel! I’m Graven Prest from the Geo Web Project.

The Geo Web is a set protocols and property rights for anchoring digital content to the physical land—a public good AR metaverse. We’re using a partial common ownership system (aka Harberger taxes) to administer our digital land market. The network and the fees from the partial common ownership system are owned and controlled by an open membership DAO. We envision network funds being used to reward builders, creators, on-boarders, and Geo Web citizens for their network contributions and create a virtuous adoption cycle. We are still in our testnet phase, but will hopefully be launching a mainnet version soon!

Our core team is just two right now, so we’re always looking for interested engineers, designers, and community support. Hit me up if you’re interested in learning more about the Geo Web or have feedback!

Hello MetaCartel. I’m Jordan Lyall from $MEME.

$MEME is one part community token, one part DeFi protocol, and one part NFT platform. Last summer we pioneered NFT staking. We’ve got big plans this year, starting with the launch of MEME v2 in a few weeks followed by a Beeple drop.

I’m also transitioning out of ConsenSys where I had the role of DeFi Product Lead for the last several years. Prior to ConsenSys, I served as Chief Product Officer at Totle, the original DEX aggregator.


Hey all,

Carl Farterson here. First and foremost I’m a buidler and love the web3 space :slight_smile:

Second, I’m a DAO maximalist and actively contribute to several DAOs. The DAO space is not only innovative but highly motivating! The flatness of it has led to some of the best collaboration I’ve seen.

Past/present work includes:

  • FART Token Set to protect ETH holders from pullbacks (inactive)
  • Technical writing for Consensys Diligence
  • Auditing WhalerDAO and writing the code to migrate for v2
  • Karma DAO Shaman where I host pitch calls for early web3 projects that may or may not need funding
  • Bonding curve dev for array.finance and meTokens
  • Lead solidity dev for saltandsatoshi (can’t link, new users limited to 2 links total :confused: )
  • Founder of Best Practicers, a code “review” project which standardizes web3 codebases before launch (WIP)

Hi everyone,

I’m Isaac Patka, and I’ve been building in the crypto space for a few years. I have not been following along with Metacartel but I have overlapped with the community in a number of ways.

  • I was just checking out the site and saw a picture of the Devcon4 metatransaction workshop in Prague, which I attended.
  • At Devcon5 I gave a lightning talk on high volume metatransactions using a single relayer.

I’ve spent most of my time building with the Bloom Protocol team, which started as token sale in 2017 but ended up building a lot of foundational tech in the decentralized identity/ verifiable credential space.

I’m a huge supporter of hackathons and have attended quite a few EthGlobal events since EthSF, both as a sponsor, hacker, and speaker.

  • My first Eth hackathon project ever was for the 2017 r/ethdev hackathon where my team built an ERC20 inheritance protocol called Deth Switch
  • My latest Eth hackathon project was for the 2021 EthGlobal NFTHack hackathon where my team built an NFT box break platform called MysteryDrop, which we are continuing to build along with support from Rarible DAO.

I’m excited to get more embedded in this community and contribute however I can!


Hey Everyone,
I am Kushagra Agarwal. I like working on DApps and am currently a track 2 fellow in Ethereum India Fellowship 2.0.
Looking forward to connecting with everyone…

Hey all, david here, currently a student and super interested in real world use cases for blockchain/crypto. Currently exploring tokenizing income share contracts to enable next-gen angel investing. Would love to connect and chat with more folks in the community :grinning:

@_davidcao on twitter (just started using it again, would love to follow other folks in the community).


:wave: 3x founder (b2b saas, marketplace, social), 2x exits, predominate focus has been on product at those ventures. occasional angel investor exploring dao governance, sharing the knowledge via a podcast.

@thycommodore on twitter

Hey all! I’m Anubhav from Parcel

We are hyper focused on building a community-owned treasury management protocol for helping DAOs manage their payouts with mass payouts, automation, money streaming and vesting contracts.

I look forward to meeting amazing people at MetaCartel and jam on Parcel :slight_smile:

Hellooo everybody, my name is Thomas.

Been around Ethereum for a while now and really want to start doing some useful work that will benefit the ecosystem.

I’m currently working to expand the monetary base of Ethereum to include more real world assets. Think diversifying with real world assets will add greater ‘solidity’ to the foundations and unleash new kinds of collateral which will unlock interesting applications.

Tokenisation is the killer app that people didn’t see clearly yet.

Look forward to hearing from people here and bridging these parallel economies together.

Good morning my fellow crypto nerds, enthusiasts, and developers alike!

My name is Derrik Lee I’ve been involved with crypto & blockchain since 2010 I stumbled upon this community actually while I was doing my fair bit of research on different options for a current AIO type of DEX I’m currently working on with 3 others. Hope you all have a blessed day and looking forward to being a member of this community. :slight_smile:


Hi MetaCartel friends,

ASL. Hi everyone, it’s been awhile since I used that acronym. Funny it popped in my head. My name is Ryan Clark and I am still very much navigating the crypto rabbit hole. Crypto first came on my radar in 2013, however, I never really paid much attention to it. When COVID hit I really ramped my research, reading whitepapers, scouring forums, etc… (mostly exploring).

Sage advice. During this exploration, I received great advice from one of the metal cartel community members, that the best way to gain experience in Crypto was through action and working in a DAO. I spent the next few months lurking forms and discord looking for a community that resonated with me. The Index Coop piqued my interest and I have been contributing there since. Most recently, I received a taste of community acceptance/belonging and it felt great. Truly glad to be here (in crypto).

Why now? The meta cartel was the first DAO I found, but I did not want to seek membership until I found my passion. Or at least something that could hold my attention for more than 10mins. To me, this community represents the best of the best. Flawed logic? Maybe. I am here now.

My passion. Entered crypto for the money. Was drawn in by the technology and products. Staying for the people. The coolest thing about my exploration in crypto is meeting brilliant, interesting people. The people are my passion and I want to get to know you.

Real world. My background is in psychology/art. I am a terrible artist. Today, I work in finance conducting in-depth research on stocks. It’s intellectually stimulating and I like the work, however, the people are generally fake. My wife just defended her dissertation and honestly I’m ready to be a stay at home crypto working dog dad.



Hey everyone. My name’s Geoff and I’m a lawyer practicing in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been invested/involved in crypto and crypto education since about 2016. This past month I’m very excited to have launched what I think is the first personal crypto focused legal practice in Canada (and maybe the US?). You can read more about that project here if you are interested: Digital Asset Planning — A New Legal Domain | by Geoff Costeloe | Jun, 2021 | Medium

I’m really interested in finding communities where I can contribute some unorthodox perspectives and skills. I stumbled upon MetaCartel and appreciated the collaborative vibe in the forums as well as some Dapp projects I see being very useful.

There are not many savvy lawyers in the space and I’m happy to lend a hand and contribute on that end if MetaCartel or any other projects if they need someone who speaks legalese. I’m also a strong writer and am happy to do some research into projects and write about them (sample of my public writing here: Geoff Costeloe: The future of finance is decentralized. Will Canada keep up? | The Hub).

Lastly, I have spent the last few months sketching out some Dapps that emulate common legal agreements. I’m non-technical but very excited about this space (DeLaw?). Just like DeFi is cutting out the big institutional middlemen from finance, I envision being able to eliminate lawyers from frequently used legal situations (DAOs are a great example of this!). If there are any developers who want to chat about building something out, I’m ready to get my hands dirty!

Let me know if there is anything obvious I can contribute to and I’ll scroll the forums and see if there is anything that jumps out to me.

Looking forward to connecting and building with you all!

Hallo, I am Chair, I’m here to prop you up.


I first started my eth journey in the desert in Joshua Tree in 2016 where my friend Arseniy told me all about Ethereum.

Shortly after that I landed on P3terpan on twitter and started reading his posts and blogs. His work inspired me to learn as much about Eth and the ecosystem. This research led to me learning to code and switching careers into software.

In March of this year I quit my “corporate” job with the encouragement of many folks involved in the greater Meta world, namely @Yalor .

Since 2016 I learned to code, I got a job in the healthcare saas space, joined RaidGuild, joined a number of other DAOs, quit my job, and became a MetaGamer.

This space has become everything I had hoped, and I hope for so much more in this next evolution of all this fun n games.

Love you all, thank you for building this.

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Hi, I’m Lou. Crypto Designer based in the deep web. I’ve been running on different DAO projects already. Interested on build product and experiences.
Follow me up on twt

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