🎉 The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

Greetings :vulcan_salute:, this is Hsin-Ju (@hsinjuchuang) w/ Dystopia Labs. Have been in the space since 2017 & am excited to help support MetaCartel in whatever capacity is needed.

Yalor suggested that I post here. Dystopia Labs currently organizes a number of free edu summits aimed towards 1) onboarding more devs into the crypto space & 2) helping the community bridge technical knowledge gaps. We’re also productizing atm <3.

Stuff I’m trying to learn more about:
cryptoeconomics, fair launch design, and treasury management

Nice to meet you all :innocent:

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Founder of mnml.finance. *building - Looking for dev partners and early co-founders.

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Hey guys,

Arturo here, @r2_moreno.

I have been working on the use of data to democratize the access to assessment of startup opportunities. I see big opportunity to modernize the VC industry in the combination of DAOs, backoffice like AngelLists’s and evaluation-reporting tools like Databell that I am building.

Would love to talk with folks interested on the same topic! Best, Arturo

Hey everyone,

I’m Philipp Zentner, long-term entrepreneur and web developer. You can hit me up with anything startup related, especially strategy, growth mechanisms and of course technical questions from web dev to dev ops.

I just started working on Li.Finance, a cross-chain liquidity network aggregation protocol which aggregates cross-chain liquidity networks, connects them with DEX aggregators and facilitates cross-chain any-to-any swaps. We make that available as a widget for dapp developers.

This is my first real interaction with a DAO, so I’m looking forward to stick around and contribute where I can.

All the best

Hi all,

My name is Jesse (@gldnxross in the metaverse), one of the AavegotchiDAO summoners and co-founder of Pixelcraft Studios where we keep busy building Aavegotchi and The Gotchiverse Realm.

For what I suppose is multiple years now, Metacartel has consistently delivered as one of the most inspiring DAOs and I think it’d be really cool to build bridges.

AavegotchiDAO is running on Polygon with Snapshot, Discord, and forum much like this one, with V2 and dedicated dashboards on the way. Interestingly, the DAO recently implemented a Snapshot voting strategy that enables not just governance tokens but also our various Aavegotchi and wearable NFTs to boost voting power. If you’re interested in L2, NFT based voting, the Gotchiverse DeFi RPG, or any other ways we can collaborate, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks for having me!


Hi! Sean Burke here. Exploring MetaCartel for the first time after reading the Defiant article. I keep seeing something about a QR code on the website to join the Telegram. Can’t seem to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!!!

Howdy :wave: we’re Parcel, building Zillow for the Metaverse! Parcel aggregates virtual real estate listings w/ real-time price appraisal, and have a marketplace of our own coming soon.

We’re excited to connect with cool people who are also interested in the metaverse and the future of the virtual economy!

Join us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/yQKEXv9jD6

Thanks all! :v:


Hi Everyone! Sam Here… Just found about metacartel from medium article. I am blockchain developer and I am developing a multi-currency stable coins…

Hi all, Natalie here. Super interested to explore the DAO ways of interaction, also excited to see the decentralized social media idea unfolding.