🎉 The BIG ‘introduce yourself’ thread

Greetings :vulcan_salute:, this is Hsin-Ju (@hsinjuchuang) w/ Dystopia Labs. Have been in the space since 2017 & am excited to help support MetaCartel in whatever capacity is needed.

Yalor suggested that I post here. Dystopia Labs currently organizes a number of free edu summits aimed towards 1) onboarding more devs into the crypto space & 2) helping the community bridge technical knowledge gaps. We’re also productizing atm <3.

Stuff I’m trying to learn more about:
cryptoeconomics, fair launch design, and treasury management

Nice to meet you all :innocent:


Founder of mnml.finance. *building - Looking for dev partners and early co-founders.

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Hey guys,

Arturo here, @r2_moreno.

I have been working on the use of data to democratize the access to assessment of startup opportunities. I see big opportunity to modernize the VC industry in the combination of DAOs, backoffice like AngelLists’s and evaluation-reporting tools like Databell that I am building.

Would love to talk with folks interested on the same topic! Best, Arturo

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Hey everyone,

I’m Philipp Zentner, long-term entrepreneur and web developer. You can hit me up with anything startup related, especially strategy, growth mechanisms and of course technical questions from web dev to dev ops.

I just started working on Li.Finance, a cross-chain liquidity network aggregation protocol which aggregates cross-chain liquidity networks, connects them with DEX aggregators and facilitates cross-chain any-to-any swaps. We make that available as a widget for dapp developers.

This is my first real interaction with a DAO, so I’m looking forward to stick around and contribute where I can.

All the best

Hi all,

My name is Jesse (@gldnxross in the metaverse), one of the AavegotchiDAO summoners and co-founder of Pixelcraft Studios where we keep busy building Aavegotchi and The Gotchiverse Realm.

For what I suppose is multiple years now, Metacartel has consistently delivered as one of the most inspiring DAOs and I think it’d be really cool to build bridges.

AavegotchiDAO is running on Polygon with Snapshot, Discord, and forum much like this one, with V2 and dedicated dashboards on the way. Interestingly, the DAO recently implemented a Snapshot voting strategy that enables not just governance tokens but also our various Aavegotchi and wearable NFTs to boost voting power. If you’re interested in L2, NFT based voting, the Gotchiverse DeFi RPG, or any other ways we can collaborate, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks for having me!


Hi! Sean Burke here. Exploring MetaCartel for the first time after reading the Defiant article. I keep seeing something about a QR code on the website to join the Telegram. Can’t seem to find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!!!

Howdy :wave: we’re Parcel, building Zillow for the Metaverse! Parcel aggregates virtual real estate listings w/ real-time price appraisal, and have a marketplace of our own coming soon.

We’re excited to connect with cool people who are also interested in the metaverse and the future of the virtual economy!

Join us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/yQKEXv9jD6

Thanks all! :v:


Hi Everyone! Sam Here… Just found about metacartel from medium article. I am blockchain developer and I am developing a multi-currency stable coins…

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Hi all, Natalie here. Super interested to explore the DAO ways of interaction, also excited to see the decentralized social media idea unfolding.

Hello Everyone, Ramsay here. I like working on DAO’s, we’re currently developing a wallet for the MENA region. We focus on connecting real world use cases for challenged regions, bottom-up approach. We have visible and invisible (read: KYC less by force not choice) people in our team. Looking forward to connecting with all.

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Hi everyone, I’m Alekhya. (@alks0x on Twitter). I’m deeply obsessed with blockchain, web3 and crypto. I think DAOs can revolutionize the way we live and work. Currently working in growth team for Index Coop. Love the ethos and vibe of Metacartel and keen to be a part of it. I’m skilled in marketing, sales, growth and product and am looking forward to contribute and learn.

Hey everyone,

My Name is Ruben and I am a Venture CEO at BCG Digital Ventures, one of the largest operational VC’s globally. Engineer by training i dabbled in startups as an Operator/VC across Europe and the US.

I am bored by web 2.0 in a huge way and equally excited about web 3. I am keen to learn from you on how to build the future. Also, I am currently incubating a non-for-profit DAO =)

I like Mountaineering, Climate-conscious thought and Diversity,

Thats me :v:t4:

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Hey Meta fam! I am (re) introducing myself after returning from a year-long Sabbatical. I took the time off to explore my passion for writing and storytelling. I started a newsletter, joined some non-crypto online communities, and reconnected with myself. Woop woop!

Taking time off of work gave me space to follow curiosity rabbit holes - in books and online - and make new Internet friends. I learned that there are a lot of kind, smart, and purpose-driven people outside of crypto. Many of them are “creatives”: freelancers, community builders, indie workers. I also learned that there are a lot of people stuck in corporate jobs who don’t know how to get out.

Yalor reached out to me a few weeks ago to chat and catch up. Speaking with him reminded me why I joined Metacartel in the first place: the community, the good people, and the positive vibes. I want to use writing as a storytelling vehicle to build bridges between crypto and non-crypto communities.

I know Peter likes to use this African proverb, and I’ve grown to love it too : “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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Hi everyone
An Ethereum Dev friend of mine suggested I join your community as I have some BIG IDEAS and will need help from a like-minded community
I am an entrepreneur through and through. Having built up and sold several businesses over the last 30 years, it has brought me to understand the value in Start-Ups and the opportunities one can create by bringing them to life.

My strength lies in the creative setup phase, a fast past environment, across many verticals. My weakness lies in the limitations one creates for oneself, by the lack of understanding.

My constant research proves to expand those limitations and drive my vision for a world of integrity and value that is shared in a fair and transparent way.

Blockchain Solutions empower just that, and it is my intention to empower others through my company Business2Blockchain!
Business2Blockchain is a consultancy of sorts, although I do not like the word very much. It is my intention to take B2BC and the Start-Ups under it to Web 3 as a modern Incubator/Accelerator.
This is where I will need help. I feel the Incubator Business Model can be so much more. There is still a lot of room for Modern Accelerators to “Start-Up” and even collaborating with existing ones, to fill the gaps.
I will set up my profile and hope to get some feedback going on my ideas
Morne Olivier

Hello guys,

The name is rasGuy, i started my dao journey a few years ago but only now realy going all in hands on. picking up the skills required, and eagerly looking forward to contribute.

Good to be here :smiley:

Hello Everyone :wave:

After stalking for a long time, I’ve decided to register and say hi to the amazing meta fam!
Happy to help with anything in Product Marketing and Growth related questions especially in Fintech.
Pivoting myself to web3.0 day by day, and co-founded a cool startup that is backed by Outlier Ventures recently. :nerd_face:


Hey guys, old-timer here. Started down the rabbit hole in 2014 (first BTC buy) and haven’t stopped. Founder/Investor in many companies over the last 30 years - entrepreneur at my core. Want to help, invest, and contribute in any way I can. Crazy excited about the future.
The Clash were the best band ever - Manchester Orchestra a close second.
Lover of my family and the North Carolina mountains.

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Hi all! Name is Sam. I’m a crypto miner/DeFi investor for the last year. I have a small amount of coding training but my day job is in network engineering. I heard y’all from the Bankless podcast and wanted to see what all the hype was about! Looking forward to getting to know the community.

Hi MetaCartel Community. I’m John I work for a insurance/bank and believe the future is based on blockchain and DeFi. I have been involved in crypto (current definition since '11 (on the fringes) ) and I am extremely interested in the concept of DAOs and composability of financial legos. I look forward to learning from the community.

Set you stops in life and in finance.


My name is Matthew Chivers, I am the founder of metabitbroker & M4GE. Metabitbroker is a metaverse native corp. We have vast swaths of land in the various metaverses and help forward thinking individuals and brands with their conceptualization and execution of their web3 footprint. M4GE is a network of blockchain professions, we are executing a number of NFT collections that fund DAOs. Id like to contribute where I can, learn what I don’t yet know and grow with all of you!

Wishing you well.