The Padawan DAO


Inspired by @Ricburton legendary team of hackers at ETHlisbon. See Tweet


We MetaCartel Fund a DAO of young G’s going to conferences, the young G’s select new young G’s to join them by giving a sponsorship for an event. They keep paying it forward to new members of the group by accepting new member proposals to the group.

Conferences like ETHDenver, DevCon, MCON, are ideal events to activate new talent.


I have a few young G summoners in mind to help bootstrap the system, with a handful of us Old G’s to guide them through the creation process.

Starting funding would be 20k DAI ( enough to send 10 hacker to any event once)

Request funding from other groups to keep the ball rolling throughout the conference season.


$20k one time from the MetaCartel to kickstart the DAO, some operational support from the group including me and @JamesW


  • This is not a fund to fund each others projects, they can make a grant request to do that.
  • This is not free money to travel around the world doing parties (only we get to do that lolz)
  • Must fund serious young builders with skills and a game plan for the event.
  • Must use the DAO to coordinate around getting the money to the members.
  • Must define how members “graduate” to being a full fledged Jedi who no longer needs money from PadawanDAO to attend events. Qualifiying event could be Getting a Job, Getting funding for product idea via grant or VC investment
  • Members must have a limited access to the pool of capital, EI: each member can tap the pool to attend 1-3 events per year.
  • More thoughts around how this needs to work so that the young G’s don’t exit scam us and spend all our money on Booze and MacBook pros then go work for Apple needed :green_apple:

+100 to this. I’ve messaged the padawan telegram and jedi twitter group with this thread.

Next step would be to coordinate a handful of the padawans to lead/champion the DAO :unicorn:


I think this is am amazing idea, could be really impactful

Yes, I have invited @zarface ( Mini Zayi from MGD) to help us lead the summoning and on-board the Padawan Cohort from Lisbon.

There is no substitute for meeting amazing creators irl. This is the Way :pray:

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willing to commit/pledge a fixed % of my income to this DAO for the next 5 years (if implemented correctly)


Love this!

A potential progression would be stipends for web2 people to quit their corpo jails and dive head first into web3 / DAO work. Enough to cover 1-3 months of living expenses to give them confidence to take the plunge.

Have had some brief previous conversations about this idea, “QuitDAO”

If it works, could be the beginnings of an ISA type thing…


love this idea - for the future of the future

I’m also willing to commit a % of my income to this DAO for the next 5 years.

Count me in, will fund as well :heart:

super great idea, im down and follow Pet3r_Pan’s style: willing to commit/pledge a fixed % of my income to this DAO for the next 5 years (if implemented correctly) :innocent:

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also, DAOSquare willing support Padawan DAO

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Hey hey, Peter Pan was my 2019 Padawan, giving me $1,500 to travel to Berlin Blockchain week that summer and that’s how I got into metacartel (my profile pic here is me at the time, lol), got to meet all of you amazing people, which completely changed my life. Even better, Peter came up with a debt token to repay my debt, which was called $AML19 (Alex Masmej Loan 2019), which eventually inspired the $ALEX token (which itself inspired Showtime).

All my crypto achievement thus mostly come down from Peter Pan being my padawan off a single joke tweet, which led to onboarding me to metacartel IRL at a conference. Padawans are powerful.

My ask is to make the padawans meet IRL with metacartel peeps, get intros, do sweat work and join the DAO.

I’m down to put $15k (worth 10 padawans?)

Much love,
$AML19 <3

PS thanks again Peter!


Meeting with the Padawan Paladins on Thursday 3pm EST (and thus 10am Lisbon time) to launch the DAO and get @Dekan to help with the DAO owned safe minion thingy.

All ya’ll welcome to join,

Then ape your money into the DAO @pet3rpan and @AlexMasmej :moneybag:



To ape, read slide above!


for folks who want to ape in

I have taken a week where I was mostly offline. I wanted to share two things:

Why I Was A Twit: Why I Was A Twit on Vimeo

Algoholism & The Metacurse: Algoholism & The Metacurse — Mirror

I will not be commenting on my comments. I am a supporter of the PadawanDAO from afar now.


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Very good idea, I hope to have the opportunity to participate in it

Proposal Part # 1: (A Padawan Dashboard on DAOhaus)

Proposal #2 Part 2: (A Padawan Dashboard on DAOhaus )

I joined the DAO’s discord server today and they are doing great work :slight_smile: