The Power of Deep Diving - Boosting Your Idea Creation Abilities

This might not be crazy relevant, but I know a lot of people struggle with idea creation and I want to add value as my contribution on here. I also know that people struggle to break free from bad habits. Your involvement in a DAO, especially as a prominent member, is massively boosted by throughput. Distractions and bad habits limit your ability to provide optimum involvement. I wrote an entire blog on this. Feel free to check it out here if you’re keen.

I’d be keen to hear about the struggles other DAO members and leaders face. I think this topic is truly relevant within the times we live. The pandemic has really thrown an efficiency curveball at a lot of people.



To much researching and not enough writing.
Not being able to communicate idea so people from other expertise’s can understand its significance.
I wish I was 4 people in 1.
Would love to have a experiment.
! task different teams each has fixed amount of time. Then grade and switch. Repeat. then promote and demote. Find a efficient formula to complete jobs within a organization. The top goes to bottom. I can find the solution and read the scientific studys. I can see how if applied in real world it would solve the problem. Now pulling together the words and technical skills to create a presentation before I lose interest becomes my downfall. Thats why I invest or just stop participating. Consulting. Come up with a way to not make a person choose between all or nothing. A i told u so reward if it turns out your right. So its documented and at the end u are taken serious or have a louder voice when brainstorming. Sort of a clout token…lol.

A monthly olympics of creation tasks… Pick Random ideas and say go…