Torque: borrow DAI by sending ETH to dai.tokenloans.eth

Here’s the article we wrote about it:

You can borrow many ERC20s by sending ETH to the right tokenloans.eth subdomain. If you want to borrow USDC, REP, LINK, ZRX, KNC, or WBTC, you send it to usdc.tokenloans.eth, rep.tokenloans.eth, etc. The repayment process is slightly more complicated, requiring a user to send the funds to [walletaddress].[erc20].tokenloans.eth before sending a 0 ETH transaction to [erc20].tokenloans.eth. These loans are fixed rate and draw from the liquidity pool. We think that this gets pretty close to an optimal UX. However, we haven’t yet found a satisfactory way of using the ENS system to collateralize loans with ERC20s.

Torque also has a web3 interface in case someone prefers to use Metamask, Dapper, Nifty, etc.