Treasury Diversification Proposal [GELATO]

As some of you may know Gelato is soon releasing $SPICE :ice_cream: as long time supporters of the Gelato team it would make sense for us to lock up some of the treasury into $GEL token to get eligibility for $SPICE.

I propose we take a % of our treasury and bridge it to mainnet (if none already exists there) and market buy $GEL with the intention of locking up the tokens for whatever period is required for $SPICE eligibility.

Since we don’t plan to sell these tokens we can think of them as vesting in the DAO treasury and as a possible tool for increasing our influence on the Gelato Network in the future.

  • Buy 100k GEL
  • Buy 150k GEL
  • Buy 200k GEL
  • Buy No GEL

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