Truckin' Coins Proposal

Truckin’ Coins

As you can currently see in current events, the Supply Chain is facing disruption due to no empty containers, too much freight, no warehousing, and little to no drivers.

To address the overall antiquated views of logistics, we’d like to make sure companies and drivers are paid on time with freight transparency.

Manifesto/Vision & Description
Truckin’ Coins is resolving supply chain visibility in payment, safety, and invoicing issues with cutting-edge technology, on a play-to-earn platform.

Our target audience for our game/app would be Truck Drivers, Owner Operators, and Trucking Companies.


On the front-end, drivers and users are seeing our gaming platform.

The goal is to get the gaming platform to where there is real-time navigation done and no interaction required from drivers, while also reporting their miles, activities, and safety features for coins.

Our $TRUX/TRUK coins would be redeemable for useful items like gas discounts, oil changes, showers, food, etc.

On the back-end, we’d like to complete instant smart contracts, invoices, and payments through a platform like ProDoge.

By utilizing developers for these integrations, we’d be able to resolve slow to no pay for truck drivers, while also addressing the Logistics factoring industry.

We’d also like to use what we’ve built to track and trace freight for companies using our Blockchain technology.


We’ve developed an Alpha version of our play-to-earn game playable on iOS for people to interact with: Truckin’ Coins TestFlight iOS

You can also see our test version on YouTube: Truckin’ Coins Test Run

We plan on connecting our ERC-20 coins in partnership with the ProDoge app/platform:

We already have soft commitments from Ocean Freight, Air Freight, and Trucking companies to validate our research. We’re existing participants in accelerators in the Midwest, inclusive to one at St. Louis University.

We’ve developed the iOS version of our game and released an Alpha version in TestFlight
We’re working on the Android TestFlight version
We currently have pre-mined $1M ERC-20 $TRUX coins on our Blockchain in consideration for an Airdrop for early adopters and users of our platform.


Grant Request


(Since the beginning of our development, a company has incorporated TRUX, so we plan on forking to TRUK coin)

Our purpose for raising funds would be for:

Development - Mobile, Front/Back/FullStack, Blockchain
DevOps/Cybersecurity - PenTesting/Bug Bounty
Marketing - AirDrop Promotion, App Marketing, etc.
Business Development / Partnership

Our current needs to address would be marketing our game/creating an AirDrop, integrating our Blockchain to our existing mobile game, forking & mining our existing coin, and integration of ProDoge.


Companies like UberFreight, Convoy, and Amazon Relay are running load boards with rewards, but aren’t making the Logistics space interactive or making more people want to join.

Currently, there are platforms using smart contracts and blockchains separately on other platforms. There are other TMS systems available, but we’re hoping to group all the enhancements in one enjoyable app and location.

We’re focused on the service providers and their wellness, but also able to utilize new technologies in an antiquated industry. We’re less focused on being a load board and more on providing an immersive breath of fresh air for truckers.

Drivers would be able to add to the ecosystem by mining & incurring coins with mileage, daily active use, and other activities.

We aim to reward truckers that utilize our Blockchain-based mobile gaming platform during their shift. The goal is for drivers to handle payments, logging, documentation, and safety reporting through our platform.

Think about Pokemon Go, Waze, and Coinbase in one place for Truckers


Adrienne - CEO/CTO -
Raul - COO -
Daniel Persiantsev - CMO -
Hunter Gaylor - CSO -

Truckin’ Coins Founders


We’re currently breaking down our platform in documentation to ImmuneFi to create a more robust Bug Bounty program. Please also download our Alpha test.

If you’d like to participate as a Bug Bounty Tester, please sign up here: Truckin’ Coins Bug Bounty

Additionally, if you have any truck driver friends or people in the VC/Trucking/Gaming space, spread the word!!!

Additional Resources
Trucking Coins Website
Truckin’ Coins Twitter