Tsunami Protocol- Grant Proposal

Tsunami Protocol

Tsunami Protocol is a DeFi data marketplace making waves on Terra.


Tsunami is a platform to revolutionize the data economy.

It allows data consumers, data providers, and businesses or organizations to buy and sell data securely, efficiently, and with low fees. This is made possible by building on the Terra ecosystem and we will be utilizing Terra’s native stablecoin, UST, and eventually capture value of the platform using our governance and utility token, WAVY.


Ultimately, we want to further the mission of revolutionizing the data economy by making the process of data investing, and data access, simple for the user.

We are in the process of partnering with Ocean Protocol Foundation and will incorporate Ocean’s datasets into our own marketplace. Additionally, we will be adding experimental and innovative elements like data indices, substrate compatibility, privacy data marketplace, etc.

We aim to bring tokenized data into mainstream DeFi, such as auto-compounding yield farm data vaults with Apollo DAO, lending & borrowing of the most popular data token assets/indices via Mars Protocol, and simplifying the on-ramp process for data providers that aren’t familiar with DeFi and blockchain.

We care about giving back and are excited to work closely with Angel Protocol to coordinate some percentage of revenue from each sale of a data token that goes to a specific charity endowment. Data providers can also specifically pledge revenue proceeds to charity endowments of their choice via our Angel Protocol smart contract integration.

Some of the current challenges in the data economy includes:

  • Data privacy laws and regulations constantly evolving and changing
  • Data is not widely available to purchase because it is very centralized
  • Lack of data security
  • An abundance of data where most of the data is virtually untapped


The solution to these challenges faced in the data economy can be alleviated by using the blockchain because the blockchain encrypts dataset URLs. Once a dataset is uploaded, it cannot be tampered with or altered which solves the issue of security and allows for huge amounts of data to be monetized and made available to people globally.

A DeFi data marketplace allows anyone from researchers to organizations to traditional data providers to upload their data and monetize it by using the blockchain that they traditionally wouldn’t have had access to in the past.


Tsunami will enable a native Terra user to purchase and access an Ocean Protocol dataset using their UST (Terra) and Terra Station Wallet. It does this all while using Tsunami Protocol as the frontend and Ocean Protocol as the source for our prototype. We have plans to onboard and partner with other data providers with data from several different industry sectors.

Even though we haven’t been very active on Twitter since joining in June, we have over 900 followers currently and are followed by Do Kwon (Founder of Terra Luna and TerraForm Labs). A large part of our following is from the Terra community. #LUNAtics

We are currently in buidl mode and working on our prototype. We are a contender in the Next Top Blockchain Hackathon.

Tsunami Protocol will partner with Ocean Protocol and use their marketplace as a building block which will allow us to bring new and innovative ideas to the data marketplace space that haven’t been done before. We will be the first data marketplace on the Terra ecosystem.

We have a lot of ideas of what we would like to implement that are currently missing from crypto relating to buying and selling data and the data economy in general. We are seeing needs that are currently not being filled and we can be the solution to fill that need and more.


Jordan, Co-Founder - Head of Strategy and Operations

Avid DeFi user and crypto investor, 5 years. Blockchain VC experience as analyst and managing partnerships, 6 months. Huge foodie. Previously, top-performer in sales/recruitment in various companies, #2 undercover recruiter lead for Lyft in PNW region year 1.

Kelli, Co-Founder - Head of Business Development and Partnerships

Has a degree in Finance and Int’l Business. She successfully ran her own e-commerce business for the last seven years. She has worked in wealth management, test security, commercial property insurance, and has done crypto consulting and research for a VC for the last four months. Kelli is an avid meme maker and loves traveling.

Norris, Co-Founder - Head of Product and Design

He is leading design and development of the Tsunami data marketplace. Previously, he did engineering for popular e-commerce and a-learning platforms. He worked at Reserve Protocol and also co-founded two SaaS companies.

We could really use a grant of around $7,000 to help us pay for costs to get our prototype up and running. We would use this money to pay for our APIs, some operational costs to manage our team and arrange meetings (for example, Calendly Pro and Notion), our website domain and landing page costs, upgrade some of our technology, and allow us to onboard experienced smart contract developers.

We currently are not funded and have paid for some expenses all out of our own pockets. We might get some funding in the future but we are unsure of the amount because it hasn’t been finalized or discussed at this point in time with us being so early in development.


Forgot to mention that we are building on Terra but just like Anchor and Mirror, we will build on Ethereum as well. We are happy to hop on a video call to chat about what we’re building. @Yalor @MoneyMage

Thanks for clarifying, considering our focus is on Ethereum I’d say with your current structure your project isn’t eligible for consideration, purely because we don’t fund things that aren’t on or tangentially on Ethereum.

I’ll let others comment here, but that is my first instinct.

Protocols so far on Terra ecosystem have an Ethereum version.

We too, are building our protocol on Ethereum as well.

If you have an Ethereum version, please feel free to create a separate post and resubmit. Otherwise, we currently do not support the Terra ecosystem.