Web3Bridge Grant application

I am Awosika Israel Ayodeji, I designed the Web3Bridge program (formerly 500NigeriaDevs4ETH), and was asked to submit a proposal by Alex Masmej.
Web3Bridge is designed to be a bridge connecting web2 developers in Africa into web3. The program runs an 8-week remote learning plan.

I am asking for a $15,000 (this amount can be divided in smaller chunk) grant to move the program forward and afford us the opportunity to train more developers in Africa.

Attached is the link to the deck for detailed explanation https://bit.ly/32lXUC1


You have my full support :slight_smile:

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@AlexMasmej @Yalor added is the list of Web3Bridge achievement so far and Budget breakdown

Hey @Ebunayo let’s get started with $3k in DAI to kick this thing off.

What are the concrete outcomes that we can expect you to report back on and what is the the timeline?

Example: $3k will fund hackathon prizes for X# of project submissions and results can be delivered after 60 days.

Thanks @Yalor $3,000 will be used to fund midway hackathon bounty prize for 4 projects at $2,000 and weekly leaderboard bounty rewards. Leaderboard design and hosting is expected to be live by 16th October while result for the midway hackathon will be delivered 28th November, 2020 (53days).

@Yalor good day, checking to see if there is any decision as regards to our grant application.

Sure @Ebunayo thanks for your response, I think pending a breakdown of the developers served and the projects supported I would vote yes on this proposal.

Can you commit to bringing your results to the Town Hall after the wrap of the event ?

if yes, let’s a get a proposal on-chain.

Yes, at the end of the mid way hack, we will be bringing results to town hall

Awesome you can create a new funding proposal here https://pokemol.com/dao/0xee629a192374caf2a72cf1695c485c5c89611ef2/proposals

Make sure you request FUNDING and add all the relevant information including links to this forum post. I will sponsor the proposal and the DAO will decide if it passes.

All done thanks.

Glad to announce that we were able to secure $3000 for the midway hack, and the three teams we have in the hack submitted their repo to be judged on Tuesday so we can give out the prizes.

Here are the repo
Team One: https://github.com/favalcodes/blockVilla
Team two: https://github.com/kayroy247/SafeKeep

Team three: https://github.com/fikunayo/EDUFUNDS