Workshop summarised

Summary of last week’s DAO member’s workshop

What is MetaCartel now? / What do we have?

MetaCartel is magical. It has grown beyond just being a community DAO that funds dapps - it is a circle of trust that has shared a collective journey down the rabbit hole of DAOs and Apps. It is a highly aligned group of friends, we have fun and don’t ourselves too seriously. We are proud to trust each other and share a common ethos.

Where are we going? What directions have we explored next?

What are we exploring more of?

  • Sustainable farm-based hyperlocal communities
  • How to enable sustainable community models (eg. community taxes/dues)
  • How to build people first orgs and trust-based collaboration
  • How to nurture communities, mental health, emotional labor
  • Ideas around digital citizenship and membership
  • How others can go about community building
  • Composability within MC initiatives
  • How to export our culture, ideas and tools to other communities
  • How to bring DAOs to folks outside the crypto space

What have we learnt?

  • Communities >>> tech
  • Planning is futile. Healthy community & Agility is key.
  • “Come and then we build” when launching products / “Meme it till you make it” (+1)
  • Actions make the world, opinions are thickle
  • Community is more important than capital in the bank
  • Antifragility (no capital, chili logo) filters for great, genuinely passionate people
  • MetaCartel is fantastic at incubating exciting new ideas although we must be conscious of front-running ourselves
  • Generosity pays in the right conditions.
  • The right thing to do is to establish conditions where generosity pays.
  • There is a culture behind the tech that maybe even more powerful (+1)
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