World crisis thoughts and comments

Personally I expect the worldwide lockdowns to continue in struct fashion for another foreseeable 2 months, if not longer. We’ll likely be living under altered circumstances until we have a vaccine (est. potentially 12-18 months). We might see the curve of infections flatten during this period, but despite so - we’ll likely be living in a state of vigilance regardless. I think we’ll still see a lot of folks stay home until its safer regardless of the recommendations from health authorities.

  • We’ll likely see unemployment rise and surge in the coming half-year with a recession/depression highly likely (IDK, not a macroeconomist)
  • The amount of noise online will continue to rise, the importance of trusted peer communities will increasingly grow.

Personally, I think this is a great time to be observing, looking inwards, upskilling ourselves and our community. Developing sustainable behaviors for the coming months will be crucial.

These are just my personal musings, love to hear what others think.

We can’t change the state of the world, but we can choose how we want to react to it, and in doing so, shape our little corner of it. For me the two most important things are:

  • doing awesome stuff with awesome people (hacking community)
  • staying safe and sane (eat, sleep, exercise, don’t get CoVID19, etc…)

As long as I’m healthy and working on awesome stuff with awesome people I can keep moving forward. The forward momentum and progress keeps me happy. By being (generally) happy and productive I can (hopefully) help others do the same.

I dunno, these aren’t exactly revolutionary insights. Of course you always want to be healthy. Of course you always want to be working on cool things with cool people. It’s just more important now than ever.