1:1 upgrade to Moloch v3: Increase security, flexibility, and show our support for the team who built it

Metacartel was the first DAO spun up on Moloch v1 and Moloch v2 (besides maybe moloch dao itself, correct me if I’m wrong.) V3 has been out for a year+ and we have not upgraded due to a lack of coordination and that the experiments that I proposed earlier in this summer being too complicated to do at the same time. Let’s simplify and do the simplest possible upgrade.

In this proposal I propose we upgrade to V3 for the following reasons and in the following ways.

Reasons to upgrade

  1. flexibility - moloch v3 offers many improvements like the ability to update voting parameters, and the option to make shares transferable.
  2. Increased long term security of having the option to put transferable shares on and to change the voting params means as metacartel evolves we will be able to easily change the params to optimize for what is needed at the moment. In this proposal I wont get into the benefits of transferable shares, but I believe there are a lot of security benefits to that as well - though let’s save that for a different proposal.
  3. We have set out to be a leader is DAOism, which we have done. Part of being a leader means trying new things and using the latest versions of things. Also, as a way to show our support for the devs who worked hard on v3. Let’s coordinate and get it done.

How we do it

  1. The simplest way is to create an entirely new v3 DAO with the exact same params and exact same number of shares at the current point in time. Now that rage quitting exodus we experiences earlier in the year has subsided, this is the perfect time.
  2. After the new DAO is setup, and everyone has had time to react to it, and verify for themselves that the params and shares are the same we yeet 100% of the v2 treasury into the new v3 DAO
  3. No quadratic voting experiments or transferable shares, etc. changes as part of the upgrade. We can do those or other experiments in the future on their own, so this upgrade is completely isolated.

If anyone ragequits during the process of moving things to the new v3 dao, then we start over to make things fair. No double dipping, I will find you.

Please discuss below and specifically I’m looking for feedback on other ideas on how to upgrade safely, what to do with the old v2 DAO (IMO just leave it with $0), and other considerations that should be taken.

slay moloch (v3)


  1. Collect feedback here and on tg from carteleans ← YOU ARE HERE
  2. This weekend I will create the new v3 dao and update this proposal (or maybe make a new one) with its details
  3. there will be a long period where everyone has plenty of time to check out the addresses, number of shares, etc., and verify everything is correct individually and collectively
  4. If there are is consensus, I will create a new proposal by the end of the year to yeet the existing treasury to the new v3 dao