#13 [✅ Funded] DAO Proposal: Pokémol aka Pocket Moloch product improvement

PokéMol - Decentralized Product Improvement Methodology

Project Name

Pocket Moloch aka Pokémol

Some Historical Reference:

We forked the Moloch contracts and built a mobile-first frontend with self-initializing contract wallets for MetaCartel DAO. Other DAOs then wanted to fork the frontend and use for their DAO (YangDAO, TrojanDAO, OrochiDAO, etc). Rahul of Moloch also expressed interest in sharing updates. So we backed up and setup an open-source, bare-bones repo of the frontend so that we could iterate on the global functionality and the forks could pull our updates as desired.

This repo is pocket-moloch => https://github.com/odyssy-automaton/pocket-moloch

Pokémol is now a shared product spawned by MetaCartel and Moloch DAOs, and this proposal is a start on how we can decentralize product improvement.

What are we building?

Due to the extended usage already happening, we’re seeing the beginnings of some interesting product-market. Now Pokémol serves a wider audience of DAOs, and is deserving of its own product focus. By focusing our attention on a parent Pokémol product, we the DAOs can better collaborate and iterate in one place and send updates throughout what has become a Moloch ecosystem (The House of Moloch).

Who are we building it for?

Anyone who wants to launch a user-friendly, mobile-first Moloch DAO for their community/org/group.

Why is this exciting?

Optimizes process for any group of humans to fork Moloch and have a mobile DAO up within a week, that can receive ongoing updates from parent Pokémol.

With each new DAO fork, and subsequent DApp, comes a new interestingly diverse group of users that we can all learn from. Due to the improved usability of the contract wallet flow (which will be greatly improved even through these efforts), many of these users will be n00bz and thus offer the crown jewel of usability testing for our ecosystem.

Combined with DAOHaus (newly built at ETHBerlin), humans will be able to Summon their own Moloch, accept Pledges, and deploy a Pokémol frontend. Collectively, we’re looking to shorten the level-of-effort from summon to live-voting as much as possible.

Though Pokémol is open-source, there is a path to monetization through customization.

A product roadmap could look like the following:

  1. Now: Iterate on the pocket-moloch repo to get to v1.0 and push to current forks

  2. Future: Build a frontend to launch infinite Moloch forks with user-defined configurations:

  3. DAOHaus does this now (Built at EthBerlin).

  4. Integrate with DAOHaus for one-click Dapp deployment.

  5. Future Future: Utilize lessons learned from diverse DAO use cases

Feature Set to progress from current v0.5 to v1.0

This proposal (v0.5 - v0.7)

– v0.6

UX-UI improvements throughout

  • Onboarding stepper with ‘Sign in with Ethereum’ and user-managed account recovery options. Damn near impossible to get locked out.
  • Redesign Wallet UI and associated action palette for better usability
  • Better error handling and messaging throughout

Social Recovery

  • Setup friends and/or other wallets to recover your account in case of device/key loss.

Boring but crucial bug-fixes

  • Resend confirm code
  • Recover password
  • Better status/error handling and messaging throughout

– v0.7


  • Allow for speeding up transactions as desired
  • Full DeviceKey Management
  • Better status/error handling

Next proposal (v0.8 - v1.0+)

– v0.8

Signal to Join

  • In-app feature for users to prep tribute and signal their desire to join the DAO.
  • Example Tweet ‘0xd26a3F686D43f2A62BA9eaE2ff77e9f516d945B9 summons MetaCartel DAO with 10 $ETH, requesting 10 shares’

3Box integrations

  • Add 3Box throughout for better visibility of member activity

Member Voting History

  • Adds proposal voting history and activity metrics to member pages

– v0.9

Optimized DevOps

  • Optimize auth, storage, and hosting for easier deployment
  • Ability to Summon a Moloch from DAOHaus, then deploy a Pokémol frontend (as close to one-click as possible)

Advanced DAO Metric Visualizations

  • More and better data visualizations throughout to better inform members of the DAO’s progress and sustainability.

– v1.0

Native App Versioning

  • Native app versions for iOS and Android

Push Notifications and User Preferences

  • Desktop / Mobile (everywhere with native version)
  • Notification/Account Preferences
  • Light/Dark mode

– v1.0+

Decentralized devOps (R&D required)

  • Replace AWS authentication with more decentralized solution
  • Move proposal/member metadata to IPFS or similar

Admin Interface

  • Method for the Summoner to manage the DAO

Support Efforts

Ongoing maintenance of Pokémol and support to new and existing Molochs

  • MetaCartel DAO
  • YangDAO
  • OrochiDAO
  • TrojanDAO
  • DAOHaus DAO
  • MetaGame

Open Source

This is currently an ongoing open-source effort. We would like to ensure the implementation receives a top notch effort and in a timely manner. There is some current dialog with Moloch and MetaCartel dev teams, but we would like to explore a more synergistic collaboration to see how much we can share and consolidate improvement efforts to ensure max potential is reached asap (minimum capital deployment for maximum impact). Will explore possibility of shared grants between MetaCartel, Moloch and maybe Gitcoin to get further in one pass.

Funds Requested

$5k from MetaCartel

28 shares (@ $173.27/Eth)

Timeline to Complete

1-2 months


You guys have been doing an amazing job so far! I approve of this :slight_smile:

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I also approve. I think it’s incredibly important that we get one DAO interface perfect and if we keep iterating on Pokémol together, we’ll get there. I’m particularly interested in the onboarding stepper and the social recovery module as I think those will be critical.

DAOHaus and Pokémol are just the beginning.

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Once this has Web3Connect, it could technically replace the molochdao.com front-end for all members

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