#17 Proposal: dHole Community Buidler

Proposal MetaCartel: dHole Community Buidler

dHole is focused on making the Ethereum ecosystem easy to browse / discover any crypto projects. Incubated by MetaCartel & Moloch DAOs, it is mainly directed by the Abridged James’s and Peter Pan, respectively working on code and product.

TLDR: I am proposing help in two areas

-help shill dHole: create a Twitter account, share the word IRL, on Twitter, memes, at events

-organize the bootstrapping of initial projects to be displayed, so that people feel a sense of the yellowpages potential.

-reach out for companies to list themselves after the initial bootstrapping, brainstorm new proposals to be added to the TCR, etc.

Why I think I’m the right fit:

  1. I have recently been good at Crypto Twitter, as I doubled my followers since I started to actively tweet about crypto 3 months ago (+100 in Berlin Blockchain Week alone). I am part of TCRParty which virtually gives me 600 additional followers.

  2. I am hosting an event in SF talking about MetaCartel, date set 2nd of October @Audius offices, where I’ll have some speaking time. This will be a great way to make dHole known.

  3. I have a great track record at talking to great people and building/joining communities: I created a fellowship and invited France top tech CEOs including Xavier Niel, I joined the Interact fellowship with alumni including Morgan Beller from Libra, CEO of Bitwise, CoinList, A16Z, which could be useful to reach out to.

I am requesting $500 worth of MetaCartel shares. MetaCartel members have been unconditionally kind to me, thank you :heart:. I want to have skin in the game and try to be increasingly useful.

I will be working around 10 hours a week, or whenever I feel I’m needed. After my event, this will be my only focus in crypto, which frees more time for this project.