#8 [💔 declined] DAO Proposal: Cryptoraves - Experience tokenization purely through Twitter. Zero fees. Zero barriers

What are you building?

We are building a tokenization experience for Twitter users. It’s a barrier-free way to test-drive crypto. They can launch and transfer tokens directly on Twitter by simply Tweeting.

Who are you building for?

We’re building for crypto enthusiasts and the crypto-curious. We will also look to partner with other projects, and showcase their tokens in the same way through our platform. The model allows for any ERC20/721 token native to Layer 1 to be transported into our Layer 2 Dapp (Including stablecoins).

How does it advance UX, usability or experiment with a new use case?

The UX IS Twitter, an already familiar interface to a large audience. Maximum usability means no fees, no metamask, only Tweeting.

The Cryptoraves use case is to capture the intrinsic value of social media through tokenization. We can do this by giving the user a personal, measurable, portable unit whose value they can grow and control.

But also, because the token is personalized, we believe our users will create their own innovative and interesting use cases, based on their own unique needs and motivations. They can demonstrate their use cases and the benefits of tokenization directly on a familiar social media platform where they are already established.

Why is this exciting?

This is a completely risk-free, and yet authentic way for a user to express appreciation. It allows for a more genuine signal than the generic and scarcity-free “like/heart/upvote” of web 2.0. Also, via blockchain technology we can observe the network effect of each users’ token interactions. And from that define a metric that ranks that users’ network.

We believe that individuals who are able to run their own token economy will deepen their understanding of tokenization benefits. It will give users working knowledge and practical, hands-on experience with the technology. They will feel empowered as their perspective begins to shift. The “A-HA” moment.

How much funding do you need and what will it be used to do?

We are requesting $5000 to outsource a new website that will better service the users. Features include a Portfolio Page, Leaderboard, Transaction History, messaging, and general instruction.


Super cool concept, how far are you in development…?

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Our official token and alpha launch platform is live now. You can see us on DappRadar (under Loom). Our beta product featuring the personalized tokens we mention above will be ready for launch in 1-2 months. :smile:

Very cool idea! Would love to try and see how we can coop in future (i’m working on https://maskbook.com )

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Yes, absolutely!!! Your project is super interesting and appears to be lined up with how we see mass adoption happening. Let’s chat soon. bryan@cryptoraves.space

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:+1:t2:Just emailed you! suji.yan@sujitech.com / suji.yan@dimension.im