#9 [✅ Funded] DAO Proposal: MetaCartel Member Cards ("Cartel Cards"?)

This is an attempt to gamify MetaCartel member contributions.

This proposal looks to create a Cartel Cards for every member of this original gang. Cartel Cards would be given to every member as an NFT. Cartel Cards are a cross between sports cards and magic the gathering cards. Below are some ideas.


  • Every MetaCartel member is issued one NFT player card
  • Each NFT is a plain chilli, identical, and pretty boring to start
  • Each player can have attributes (color, size, weapons, defense mechanisms, name, description, etc)

Then I was thinking: what if the only way to get access to the Cartel Card attributes was to provide value to MetaCartel? It could behave like a fun incentive game that occurs in parallel to activities that are already happening.

Imagine for example:

  • We could create a point system, in which points would be given for things like:
    • Passed MetaCartel proposals
    • Time volunteered that doesn’t result in a proposal
    • Odd jobs (onboarding, note taking, etc)
    • Doing something cool
    • Writing articles
    • Create attributes for Cartel Cards
  • Maybe you can buy upgrades to your NFT by using these points:
    • Nicer hat, Weapons, Disguises, Outfits, Custom names, etc
  • These cards can give members rewards or perks over time. Act as a VIP pass, etc.

Maybe a DAO manages a curated registry of the official “Cartel Cards”, and all upgrades to your Card need approval via a proposal to a DAO.

Proposal Scope:
-Create designs for cards
-Issue on mintbase
-send cards to every individual
-Create a DAO with with all MetaCartel DAO members which manages the game
-Outline a simple point system and upgrades to gamify this process

Proposal Ask:
-2$ per NFT X 21 members = $42 + gas fees = $100
-design bounty: $100 (May be redeemed if not needed after initial attempt)
-My time for the rest will be volunteered

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Slides of v0.1 of the game can be seen here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1W5BRqQoY7olgU9U6KOxkWZI3qWivrvLC7_Q3tKP8O1M/edit#slide=id.p

Share any thoughts / comments in here or in the slides, this is a work in progress :stuck_out_tongue:

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made some suggestions :slight_smile: cool stuff Eric!